What is a General Dentist?

When we visit a dentist for our oral health and hygiene, we tend to see many differentiations among dentists. Some focus on just one area, but some are known as general dentists.

It might be confusing to know which one you actually need, but it doesn’t have to be because they are easily identifiable once you know which services they offer and what they focus on.

What is a General Dentist

What is a General Dentist?

What is a General Dentist

A general dentist is a broad term for dentists that offer a wide range of services, generally changing from dentist to dentist.

However, every general dentist offers overall and most common dental practices.

They focus on maintaining their patients’ oral hygiene, preventing any future oral diseases or concerns and helping with the appearance of their smiles.

Most often, a general dentist is a primary provider of dental care for everyone, and they are able to solve most of the issues unless it requires extra specialization.

Even though the main goal of a general dentist is to clean and keep good oral hygiene and prevent any further issues, they can also treat a wide range of concerns that may develop.

What Does a General Dentist Do?

What Does a General Dentist Do

Contrary to specialist dentists, general dentists mostly focus on providing a wide range of services that help you to keep your oral hygiene in check and improve your smile.

The entire array of services might be different from generalist to generalist. However, there are frequent services almost all general dentists offer.

Preventive Services

These services focus on preventing oral diseases or problems before they happen.

Diagnostics, frequent check-ups, cleanings, and other regular exams are included in preventive services, and all general dentists offer them.

Cosmetic Services

Many general dentists could help you get the sparkling smile you always wanted. Teeth whitening is the core of cosmetic services and bonding, such as porcelain veneers.

Restorative Services

When a general dentist finds a problem and requires solving it, this falls under restorative services.

These could be a wide range of services, but the most popular ones are decay filling, tooth removal, placing a filling, and placing crowns.

Overall Health Services

Your oral hygiene and health could showcase the problems in your overall health, and dentists can make this distinction.

By judging your oral health, general dentists can also provide you with nutritional counseling, general wellness, and health information.

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General Dentist vs. Specialized Dentist

General Dentist vs. Specialized Dentist

A general dentist focuses on normal oral hygiene and dental procedure and doesn’t dwell much into other areas of dentistry.

Specialists provide services in the department they are specialized in.

For example, orthodontists only provide orthodontics solutions and do surgical and non-surgical treatments depending on your needs.

General dentists can also provide similar treatments but not as specialized as a specialist.

The Verdict

To conclude, a general dentist is a name for dentists that provide overall oral treatment services such as tooth removal, teeth whitening, decay filling, and many other procedures that don’t fall under a specialization category.

A general dentist offers their patients restorative, preventive, and cosmetic services.



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