What is an Endodontist Dentist?

Dentistry is a wide industry with many specialties, branches, and services in it, and it might be possible to need clarification when we are looking to find a dentist.

Depending on our needs and our problem, we might need to see a special dentist who focuses on treating our problem.

In addition, if you are looking to become a dentist, there are many steps to go if you would like to move forward and specialize in an area.

One of those areas that you can specialize in as a dentist or visit as a patient is endodontics. They focus on a specific area within the dental industry.

What is an Endodontist Dentist

What is an Endodontist Dentist?

What is an Endodontist Dentist

Endodontist dentists or also known as endodontists, specialize in tooth diseases, pain, and infection.

They diagnose and treat these problems on your teeth via either surgical or non-surgical treatment methods.

Their specialized training allows them to perform root canals, a special treatment that helps save an infected or decayed tooth.

Their work area is much smaller than a generalist dentist or some other specialist dentist.

However, thanks to their specialized training in endodontics, they can only perform those procedures as a specialist.

You might need to see an endodontist dentist when your generalist dentist can’t treat your infection or diseases.

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What Does an Endodontist Dentist Do?

What Does an Endodontist Dentist Do

Endodontist dentists perform procedures inside the tooth, which is also known as tooth pulp.

This tooth pulp has nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels that can get inflamed or infected.

Endodontist dentists can perform a wide array of services involving tooth pulp, but they have a common procedure they are widely known for.

A common procedure of endodontist dentists is a root canal. They remove the teeth nerve and pulp that is damaged or infected.

Generalist dentists can also perform root canals, but endodontist dentists receive special training for this and are far more experienced.

How to Become an Endodontist Dentist?

How to Become an Endodontist Dentist

If you want to specialize in endodontics and become an endodontist dentist, you need to first attend a dental school, just like every dentist.

Once you have your degree at your hand, you need to attend an endodontic specialty and get training.

This training also includes a residency program which varies in time, but it’s generally three years.

Once you finish your specialization training, you have to sit before the Board of The American Association of Endodontists and prove that you are reliable.

Once you get your certification, you are ready to become an endodontist dentist.

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The Verdict

An endodontist dentist is a dentist that specializes in providing treatments in endodontic procedures.

This includes diagnosing and treating any disease related to the tooth pulp.

Their most common procedure is a root canal, where they remove the teeth pulp or remove that is infected or somehow damaged.

You have to take additional specialization training and a residency program to become an endodontist dentist.

Once you finish that extra training, you must pass the Board of The American Association of Endodontists exam and receive your certification.




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