Dental Voice Search SEO Service

Search engines and their algorithms are always changing to provide the best service to searchers.

This makes it one of the biggest challenges for businesses like dental practices to stay on top of these changing algorithms.

Because you need to spend considerable time keeping track of what’s happening, and falling behind on them could lower the number of visitors you are getting to your practice.

Dental Voice Search SEO Service

If you miss out on a new feature that’s rapidly changing the search engines, you will be in trouble, as keeping up with it might take a lot of time.

We have been seeing considerable amounts of increase in voice searches, and it’s quickly changing the SEO world.

Let’s see what voice search is all about for dentists and how you can best implement it.

What is Voice Search SEO for Dentists?

What is Voice Search SEO for Dentists

Voice search is making a search query on a search engine via voice. This means that the searcher will use their words for the search engine to understand and put them into the text.

To get more accurate responses, people have started using questions or long sentences instead of short keywords to get the answer they want.

Dental practices need to accommodate this by focusing on long keywords and questions to optimize their website for voice searches.

This means that instead of optimizing your content only for “orthodontic dentistry,” you should also optimize it for “what are orthodontic dentistry services?” or “where is the nearest orthodontic dentistry?” That way, your dental website can serve voice searches, too.

One of the most common uses of voice search is navigation and finding nearby places.

That’s why accommodating voice search SEO for your dental website will help your website to be more visible and make it easier to find you.

For example, if someone wants to visit a nearby dentist right away for an emergency, with good voice search SEO, your dental practice will come up on top.

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Best Methods for The Ultimate Voice Search SEO Success

Having success with voice search SEO could be complicated if you don’t know the best practices to apply. Here are four important methods to increase your voice search SEO success for your dental website.

Optimize Everything for Local VEO

Optimize Everything for Local VEO

As we mentioned, one of the most common uses of voice search is to locate businesses and navigate around.

Have a strong local foundation by optimizing and managing your Google My Business, Yelp, Bing, and other similar profiles.

Make sure that your address is clear and it’s on these profiles and also on your website.

These profiles are the most important factors for search engines to determine how trustworthy and legitimate you are.

They take into account several things:

  • The proximity of the searcher and the business’s location
  • The reviews of the website and whether the business interacts with these reviews
  • How many other websites quote this website with backlinks
  • Your visibility in the local directories

Use Voice App Technologies

Use Voice App Technologies

If someone uses the voice search on Google or their voice assistant technologies in an urgent case, they will not read the answer.

They will want to hear the answer to solve their problem through a voice response.

Invest in voice app technologies that can answer frequently asked questions, common dental procedures, problems, and your services.

This is not as common as other parts of voice search SEO, but it is slowly taking its place in search engine algorithms, and it could be crucial in a short time.

Google might prioritize websites that have these voice response technologies.

Learn About Your Audience’s Intent

Learn About Your Audience's Intent

One thing about voice search is that the intent is mostly different than traditional text searches.

Most people do voice searches when they need or want an immediate answer to a question. That’s why it’s important to understand what is your audience’s intent in their searches.

One might make search for “emergency orthodontics dentist near me,” and the other might search for “what do orthodontics do?” One of them is looking for the nearest dentist’s location, and the other is just searching without the intent to go right away.

Look for what keywords are trending and see which ones are more popular on searches made with voices.

This will give you the best outlook on what you need to optimize your content. If you optimize your content to what your audience is looking for, your website’s reach will increase.

Always Create Useful and Unique Content

Always Create Useful & Unique Content

No matter what you are optimizing for, if your content is not unique, useful, trustworthy, and doesn’t demonstrate expertise, you won’t rank.

As a dentist, you have the option to have all these in your content, so you need to utilize this as much as you can to drive more people.

In addition to creating this content, adding FAQs and simple short answers to certain questions about your services or procedures might make you jump to number one on the search engines on voice searches.

Try optimizing that content around voice search SEO in addition to your existing SEO efforts.

Voice Search SEO with DentalsExpert

Keeping up with what’s going on in the search engine algorithms is a time taking process, but it’s a must for every dental practice.

DentalsExpert has an experienced SEO team that keeps track of everything that’s been going on with voice search engine SEO and can tackle the challenges.

Here are some of the services we offer to help you to find the insight you need where local search and voice search connect:

  • Researching the content from scratch for your website
  • Manage your social media accounts
  • Come up with the keywords to optimize
  • Improving your domain authority with quality content.

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The Verdict

To conclude, search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and one thing that you miss to capitalize on might lead you to lose a lot of possible interactions, visits, and appointments.

One of the latest trending things is voice search, and search engines have been prioritizing websites that accommodate their SEO efforts to voice searches.

You need to customize your content to answer simple questions, add yourself to local directories, and optimize your GMB, Yelp, and Bing profiles.

You can make an impact on search engines by ensuring your address is out there and that your content answers questions shortly and promptly.

In addition, utilizing voice app technologies to answer certain things through voice is a good preparation for the future.


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