Dental Social Media Marketing Service

Social media has been increasing its power in our lives for years. When we want to read the news, chat with friends, and look for businesses, we go to social media. Because among billions of users, there are also millions of options to choose from.

There is an ever-increasing user base of social media, no matter which platform you look at. Social media platforms are using this customer base and letting businesses do marketing on their platforms.

This is a great potential for businesses to use social media marketing to reach everyone they want.

Dental Social Media Marketing Service

If you own a dental business, social media marketing becomes more crucial. People want to see real comments, activity, and news from a business that deals with a part of their face.

On top of this, as a business owner, marketing yourself becomes easier because you are a local business, contrary to global ones.

DentalsExpert is experienced in social media marketing for dental businesses that strive to get you the most views and leads.

We work intensively to create the most successful social media campaigns on various platforms.

Social Media Marketing with Us

You might be experienced with social media, but it might be too much to do when it comes to social media marketing.

Handling all is not a task for one person. Especially if you have a professional or a team of professionals working with or for you, you get better results.

DentalsExpert is an agency ready to start your social media marketing with experts in their respective areas.

Our core is the insight that we got from years of experience working with dental businesses in social media marketing.

We are not just a typical agency that gives you a traditional process; we give you the following:

  • Professional service from the moment you get in touch with us until we know you are happy with the result.
  • We don’t just have experience in social media marketing. We also have experience with dental businesses.
  • We have experts ready to get started by first understanding you and your business.
  • Because of our experience, we can also provide you with suggestions as to what to change in your existing social media or way of working as a business.
  • Constant communication. Both before and during our time together.

There is much more to our way of working with our clients. We care about not being different. We care about getting you the perfect service possible.

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Types of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing term is very wide. It doesn’t just account for only one or several similar campaigns; depending on what kind of marketing you want or need, you can start diving in there.

There are different ways you can approach social media marketing, but in essence, you can divide them into three:

  • Paid
  • Organic
  • Earned

Paid gives you the most efficient and fast result. You get what you want right away.

Organic is probably the most common, where you focus on creating informative content through different methods. And earned is sort of like referral or word-of-mouth. It isn’t much you can or need to do.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

This is perhaps one of the most popular and efficient methods of social media marketing.

Content marketing falls on the organic social media marketing method because all you need to do is produce unique and high-quality content.

You must know your audience, focus on quality, and be in line with your dental brand for the content.

That is why we talk about you and your business in our initial meetings. This way, we can align your content with your brand and focus on quality and your potential audience.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

Paid Advertising Campaigns

If you want to get fast results and put your business out there, paid campaigns are the way to go.

All you need to do is to prepare good visuals, short text with a call-to-action, and find the right keywords. People will start seeing your ads on their feeds and stories.

We will create these campaigns for you. The visuals, texts, and find the right keywords for your paid campaign.

We will also set the necessary settings on your paid campaigns so that your ad can reach the right people.

Using Influencers as Influencer Marketing

Using Influencers as Influencer Marketing

There are a lot of people with tens of thousands or millions of followers on different social media platforms.

By using the influencers in your area, you can get high visibility. However, influencer marketing also requires money to get started.

You either need to pay them a fee to market your business or offer them something within your business. Depending on the influencer, you can do either of these.

But, when working with an influencer, you have to ensure that the content they share is attractive to your potential clients.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

A part of good social media marketing is well-managed social media.

You can get an attraction if you can manage your social media accounts well, react to your followers, and engage with them. This attraction will be a huge marketing material for you.

However, you also need to be careful because a wrong engagement could also damage your reputation. That is why working with professionals like DentalsExpert will spare you from that margin of error.

Contribution to Communities

Contribution to Communities

For every industry and location, there are tens of different communities online.

As a dental business owner, you have to be active in most of them but not advertise your business. Just like social media management, you have to engage.

Engage with posts, help people, comment, and do things that will get you in front of people’s feeds. But you have to find the right communities for that so that you won’t do it for nothing and actually get leads.

Building a following

Building a following

Social media marketing is all about who sees your content, both paid and organically.

If you want to quickly increase your engagement, create a successful social media presence and get qualifying leads, you need to build a following. This will be similar to social media communities but only focus on you.

You can create a following by being active on social media and encouraging people to follow you.

However, maintaining those followers and community takes a consistent effort and almost no errors.

DentalsExpert’s experience in maintaining social media accounts and knowing dental business audiences allow us to make it as easy as possible.

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Important Parts of Social Media Marketing for Dental Businesses

Whichever method of social media marketing you choose, there are certain parts that you must focus on. These parts will help the campaign you choose to be successful and lower the margin of error.

DentalsExpert always makes sure that these are the main focus during the creation of your social media marketing campaigns.

Strategy Creation

Strategy Creation

Without a strategy, you will be walking towards a road that you don’t know where it’s leading. Perhaps the most important thing is to create a strategy.

This strategy must be in place with extreme precision, whichever marketing campaign you choose to implement.

Because we know how vital it is to have a solid strategy, we ensure that we spend enough time creating a good strategy.

This is one of the reasons why we listen to you, your business, and what you want to achieve. After we get everything, we will create a strategy to implement.

Planning Phase

Planning Phase

This phase generally games after creating your strategy to ensure that you can stick with your strategy.

To be able to finish your campaign, the planning phase must include the timeline, the planned works, and other crucial details.

The important part of the planning phase is to create realistic phases so that you won’t fail when it comes to keeping up with them.

Thanks to our years-long experience, we know what kind of planning we should go for as DentalsExpert.

This allows us to always be on time and make sure to deliver what we promised. Our planning is part of the excellent professionalism that we always seek to deliver.

Consistent Publishing

Consistent Publishing

Although not necessarily applicable to every campaign, it is still there for a big portion of the campaigns. Whatever campaign you choose, you must be consistent with your efforts.

For example, if there are mistakes in your paid marketing campaigns, you must be consistent in trying to find the mistake.

If you are publishing content on your social media accounts and engaging with your followers, you have to do it consistently.

Only this way can you create a brand, make people remember you, and let them see your social media marketing campaigns.

High Engagement

High Engagement

Whether you are writing content or creating paid marketing campaigns, the focus must be high engagement, and it goes both ways.

You have to give high engagement to your efforts and to your followers and try to get high engagement from them. A basic way of doing this is by adding call-to-actions.

Very simple things like asking them a question and telling them to answer it by leaving a comment is a good way to start.

The main idea is to make it as interactive as possible for both sides. Once there is high engagement, success will be inevitable.

Reading Analytics

Reading Analytics

If you start social media marketing for your dental business, you will probably start more than one campaign.

This will make it hard to understand which campaign actually works and which doesn’t. That is why you have to make sure to read the analytics both individually and together.

DentalsExpert keeps track of all the social media marketing campaigns that we start. This ensures that we make sure we are on the right track and see the areas of possible enhancements.

Start Your Social Media Marketing Journey with Us

Getting started with your social media marketing journey with us as a dental business owner is not hard.

Get in touch with us right now, and we will get back to you as DentalsExpert to learn more about you and your business.

Once we have the initial meetings and know what we can do for you, we will develop a roadmap.

This roadmap will include anything about what we are going to do and the timeline. At the end of the roadmap, you will get what we planned.


How long do I have to wait to see results from a social media marketing campaign?

Because social media marketing has various types of campaigns, this is hard to answer without knowing what you need. Some campaigns, mostly paid campaigns, can give you results instantly in a day.

However, earned and organic campaigns will probably take months before you start seeing results.

On top of that, even some paid marketing campaigns might take a few weeks before seeing results because of the margin of error.

Do I have to pay to create social media marketing campaigns?

Social media marketing has three layers to it. One of those layers is paid marketing campaigns.

In essence, you have to pay to get those campaigns started, but the other two generally don’t require paying something.

However, if you can allocate a budget even for organic marketing campaigns, you can get things going faster than you do without any budget.

But in short, it depends on what kind of campaign you want to start and whether you will pay for anything or not.

How do you measure the success of a social media marketing campaign?

If you want to measure your success in a specific social media marketing campaign, you have to know through which channels you get traffic.

For example, if you set up paid marketing campaigns, then you will get visitors and leads from those channels. Through ad spots on search engines or social media paid campaigns.

However, if you are doing content marketing and organic campaigns, then you have to follow how many organic visitors you have.

And over time, how much have your organic visitors increased since you started the campaign. It depends on what campaign you are running.

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