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If you are an orthodontist, you are probably aware of the importance of having an effective, attractive, and strong online presence.

The industry is always growing, and you must set yourself apart from all the other orthodontists in your area. The way to do it is through a good orthodontic SEO.

Orthodontic SEO might seem like a complicated and hard issue, but it shouldn’t be like that.

DentalsExpert has been providing these services for years to dentists and has achieved success countless times.

In our article, you can learn more about orthodontic SEO and see what we are offering as part of our orthodontic SEO services.

Pediatric Dentist SEO Services

Orthodontic SEO Services Includes

Orthodontic SEO is a specialized search engine optimization for orthodontic websites by strategically building links, keywords, and more. Different from traditional SEO, it focuses on geographical locations.

It aims to attract people from the neighborhood of the dental practice. Every orthodontist or dental practice offering orthodontics services benefit from the use of orthodontic SEO.

Keyword Research & Strategy

Orthodontic Keyword Research & Strategy

When a user searches for something on a search engine, search engines pull out the most relevant searches on top of the search result.

To be relevant, you must have a solid keyword strategy spread out on your content related to orthodontics.

You need to conduct keyword research and implement a strategy relevant to orthodontics and special topics popular in your area.

However, you can’t stuff keywords and expect them to work. You have to strategically place them. They need to make sense, and there shouldn’t be a lot of them in the content.

Technical SEO

Orthodontic Technical SEO

Your success in your SEO doesn’t just come from the content you write and how well you optimize your keywords.

The website’s technicality must be solid for search engines to read and index your website in the right search result.

Technical SEO helps you with this by optimizing your website architecture, sitemaps, tags, data, and URL structure.

Off-Page Optimization

Orthodontic Off-Page Optimization

Off-page SEO is what others are thinking about your website and shows search engines how reliable your content is.

This means that you must get mentions through hyperlinks from other high-authority domains, have reviews, and get citations.

The more mentions and backlinks you have of your website, the more search engines will regard your website as quality and rank you higher than your competitors.

On-Page Optimization

Orthodontic On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is just making sure your content is relevant, quality, original, and provides a great experience to the visitors.

It means you must do smart keyword optimization without stuffing keywords and have easy-to-read content and relevant headings.

It’s strictly what’s on your website and what you can control yourself for a better user experience.

Content Writing

Orthodontic Content Writing

A website is missing the best tool for good SEO optimization if it doesn’t have any content.

Content writing is writing informative, unique, and quality content, generally blog posts, to inform your potential customers and attract more visitors.

While you are writing your content, you must focus on relevant topics to orthodontics and use keywords that are trending in the orthodontics industry in your area.

Link Building

Orthodontic Link Building

Link building is the strategy to get hyperlinks from other websites. In its essence, other websites must hyperlink your website in their content to refer to a topic as a source they can rely on.

In a technical sense, search engines will regard your content and website as a trustworthy source.

With this, your authority domain score will increase, and you will get to rank higher than your competitors with lower authority scores.

Local SEO

Orthodontic Local SEO

Local SEO is a strategy to optimize your orthodontics website to increase local visitors and local visibility through certain techniques.

These techniques include optimizing your Google My Business profile, listing your business on online directories, using local keywords in your content, and creating content relevant to your local area.

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Why Orthodontic Dentists Love us?

DentalsExpert is a dental marketing agency that has been working in this industry for years.

Our experience brings us ultimate success, and we minimize the risks thanks to our experience. Here are some of the reasons to choose DentalsExpert.

Delivering On-Time

Delivering On-Time

One thing that everyone hates is being late on the delivery date. As DentalsExpert, one of the things that take utmost care is to deliver on time when we promised.

If there is any problem with the delivery and it will be late, we will give you the information beforehand at an appropriate time.

Clear Roadmap and Planning

Clear Roadmap and Planning

When we have our first meeting and get to know you and your needs, we spend a little bit more time getting used to your business.

This might mean taking several meetings before we are sure about what we are going to do. After these meetings, we come up with a roadmap and plan every step of the way with your journey.

Open Communication Line

Open Communication Line

You might have questions about the project, ideas, opinions, or anything else. If anything comes up, we ensure that you can reach us at any time, and we will answer as soon as possible.

That’s why you will have a direct communication line of your choice with us, and we will make sure to get back to you right away during our collaboration.

Orthodontic Dental SEO Process

We have a proven process record. We always try to stick by this unless your needs require something different.

Website Audit

The first step of the process is to understand what you currently have. We take a deep dive into your website or your business if you don’t have a website. We figure out what’s wrong and what we can fix.

Keyword Research & Optimization

Once we know what’s wrong, we move on to researching. We conduct keyword research to see which keywords are increasing in popularity in your location and your industry.

In addition to the research, we also optimize your current keywords and SEO strategy.

Content Creation

Once we have the SEO information we need, we create your content. This includes everything from blog posts to the details of your website, like the services you offer.

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Our Local SEO Strategy For Orthodontic Dentists

1. Local Market Analysis

We begin by conducting a thorough analysis of the Orthodontic dental market, understanding the competition, target audience, and local search trends. This analysis forms the foundation for our tailored local SEO strategy.

2. Keyword Research and Targeting

Our team identifies relevant and location-specific keywords that potential patients in Orthodontic use to find dental services. We optimize your website with these keywords to increase visibility in local search results.

3. Google My Business (GMB) Optimization

We optimize your GMB listing with accurate business information, appealing visuals, and engaging content. This ensures your practice stands out in local map packs and increases the likelihood of attracting nearby patients.

4. Local Citations and Directory Listings

We create consistent and accurate local citations and directory listings across reputable platforms. These citations strengthen your online presence in Orthodontic and improve search rankings.

5. Localized Content Creation

Our content team develops localized and informative content focused on dental topics relevant to Orthodontic residents. By providing valuable resources, we establish your authority in the local community.

6. Online Reputation Management

Managing your online reputation is critical. We monitor reviews and feedback, encouraging positive reviews and addressing any negative feedback professionally to maintain a positive image.

7. Mobile-Friendly and User-Optimized Website

We ensure your website is mobile-friendly and user-friendly, providing an exceptional experience for visitors on various devices. A responsive website enhances local search rankings and increases user engagement.

8. Geo-Targeted Advertising Campaigns

By implementing geo-targeted advertising, we reach potential patients in Orthodontic effectively. Our campaigns raise awareness of your dental practice among the local community.

9. Data-Driven Analysis and Reporting

Transparency is at the core of our strategy. We use data-driven analysis to measure the effectiveness of our efforts and provide regular reports, keeping you informed of the progress and results.

10. Continuous Optimization and Adaptation

Local SEO is an ongoing process, and we continuously refine and adapt our strategy to align with the ever-changing search algorithms and local market dynamics in Orthodontic.

Dental Local SEO Orthodontic Pricing

Package Starter Growth Premium
Monthly Price $350 $600 $950
Keyword Research Up to 20 Up to 40 Up to 60
On-Page SEO 10 Pages 20 Pages 30 Pages
Google My Business
Local Citations 50 100 150
Social Media Engagement
Local Schema Markup
Mobile Optimization
Online Reviews Management
Hyperlocal Content
Local Link Building
Local Advertising
Monitoring & Reporting Monthly Bi-Weekly Weekly
Competitor Analysis
Voice Search Optimization
Website Speed Optimization
Content Creation 5 Posts / Month 10 Posts / Month 15 Posts / Month
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Should Every Orthodontist Do Orthodontic SEO?

If you are an orthodontist or offering orthodontics in your dental practice, doing orthodontic SEO shouldn’t even be a matter of question.

To reach your highest potential and get constant patients, you must do orthodontic SEO. Contact us today to get an SEO example from us.


How much does it cost to implement orthodontic SEO?

SEO is not a paid marketing campaign. It focuses on generating organic traffic without spending huge chunks of money on it.

That means SEO itself doesn’t require any capital, and you can start with zero dollars.

Do I have to maintain my orthodontic SEO?

SEO is an ever-growing strategy with new things always coming up. This means the more updates come, the more you have to adapt to the changes.

Maintaining your orthodontic SEO is a top priority, and you must always keep an eye on it.

How hard is it to implement orthodontic SEO?

SEO is complicated and requires a good knowledge of how to strategically place the keywords, do the research, and implement the necessary strategies.

Doing it on your own might lead you to make a lot of mistakes and cost you time.

That’s why DentalsExpert’s experience in the area comes with the benefit of saving time and costs.

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