How DentalsExpert Can Help You Get More Google Yelp Reviews?

The old time’s word-of-mouth reference has been slowly leaving its spot to online reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp.

These online platforms are highly regulated, and genuine reviews about businesses make those reviews a gold mine for everyone.

With the increase in the use of technology, people are relying more and more on these reviews by real people rather than reading about the business on their website. We can see these reviews as basically modern word-of-mouth.

As a dental practice that deals with people’s health, these reviews are even more important for you to increase your visibility and authority.

Are you struggling to get your happy patients to leave Google or Yelp reviews on your profiles? DentalsExpert can help you to get more reviews easily.

How DentalsExpert Can Help You Get More Google Yelp Reviews

Why Google and Yelp Reviews are Important?

Why Google and Yelp Reviews are Important

Google and Yelp are two of the most visited review place on the internet, with hundreds of millions of users.

People trust the reviews on these two websites when they try to decide whether to visit a business or not.

When you have more reviews, these platforms also increase your visibility because their algorithm knows that you are a trusted business.

That’s why reviews on Google and Yelp are an extremely important part of your dental practice’s visibility and trust online.

More reviews will automatically draw more people in, making it easier for people to trust you and visit your practice.

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How Does DentalsExpert Help You to Get More Reviews?

How Does DentalsExpert Help You to Get More Reviews

The biggest problem with getting reviews for dental practices is that it’s not a strategy you can simply change on your website.

It completely moves around the decisions of your patients, and if they don’t leave reviews, there is nothing you can do.

The best choice you have is to communicate this with your clients so that they’ll be more inclined to leave reviews.

As DentalsExpert, we have a proven success strategy that we use with our clients to increase reviews.

We developed a special recipe where we provide you with a roadmap that you can use to get more reviews.

You can use this script to turn positive verbal feedback from one of your patients into a written review.

If you are already working with DentalsExpert and you are our client, we can implement this simple process to your project for a small fee.

We provide you with directions to our plan that is proven to be successful. This plan includes the following:

  • Our specially crafted script that you can use to talk with your patient to leave a review
  • An additional webpage to your existing dental website
  • Another script that we recommend you use to redirect your patients to that webpage we create.

How Effective is Our Strategy?

How Effective is Our Strategy

Our strategy mostly focuses on your communication with your already happy patients.

This means that our strategy’s effectiveness comes from the situation itself and how well you can execute it.

We’ve had clients that went from a very low number of reviews to three-digit reviews with good ratings on their Google and Yelp profiles.

This means that our strategy is extremely effective in getting you new reviews. On top of communicating with your happy clients, we also get those who don’t verbally tell you they are happy to leave reviews.

That’s because we leverage your website and add a new page on top of it for people to see and get more familiar with the idea of leaving a review.

We use two different methods of communication for your happy patients to leave reviews. This increases your rate of success and, thus, the effectiveness of our strategy.

If you execute the verbal communication extremely well and let us handle your extra webpage, our strategy can provide you with hundreds of new reviews.

Is It Risky?

As DentalsExpert, we always seek the comfort of our clients and make sure that they get the best results without the chances of risk.

It is possible that you might overwhelm your patients when you try to get them to leave reviews and make a bad impression if you don’t have a strategy.

However, our strategy follows a very simple and proven approach that works without overwhelming your patient.

Since we make sure that your happy customers are not overwhelmed, this eliminates the risks altogether.

However, this is true if you stick to our script and entire strategy without doing things on your own. Our strategy delivers a risk-free approach if you follow it completely.

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The Verdict

Google and Yelp are two of the biggest platforms where people go to get a sense of any business through reviews of real people.

If you don’t have many reviews on these platforms, people will not trust you and won’t visit your practice. DentalsExpert has a strategy to follow with a proven record of success.

We give you a script and create a whole new page on your existing DentalsExpert dental website for a small fee.

By following these methods, we managed to increase the number of reviews from our customers by a big margin.

If you would also like to have more reviews and increase your authority, contact us to learn more.

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