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Digital marketing and generating leads through your digital presence are daunting for many dental practices.

There are always new things coming up and updates to existing systems that need more work.

Just when you know that your entire digital marketing campaign is working as well as you hoped, something new comes up, and you need to adapt.

Local SEO is the most important part of digital marketing, and Google Business is leading the pack in importance. The newest addition to Google Business is Google Business posts.

Now, you can use Google Business as part of social media, which will automatically help your local SEO efforts and attract more patients to your practice.

Google Business Post For Dental Practice Service

How Does Google Business Works?

How Does Google Business Works

Whether you are deep diving into your digital marketing efforts or not, as a dental business owner, you are probably aware of Google Business.

It is Google’s ultimate platform to help businesses put themselves on the maps and search results without much effort.

You can manage your Google presence on your own, which is the most important part of a successful SEO strategy.

In addition, you don’t have to put extra effort into putting your Google Business profile to other Google products because Google automatically does it.

When you have your Google Business profile, here are some of the services you automatically connect to:

  • Google search engine (you will have the opportunity to rank top on certain keywords if you optimize your Google Business profile well)
  • Google Maps (this is only applicable when you put an exact address on your Google Business profile which is crucial for dental businesses)

How Google Business works for businesses is not complicated because it is as simplified as it can be. You just need to set up your business profile on Google Business and fill in all the necessary places.

Google will do all the technical work for you. So Google Business is the platform to take the initiative on your Business’s information rather than Google deciding it for you.

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Google Business Posts for Dental Practices

Google Business Posts for Dental Practices

Recently, Google Business brought a new update to Google Business to help businesses showcase themselves better and more efficiently.

This update is very handy for local businesses such as dental practices and dentists.

Previously, dentists didn’t have the option to share their updates anywhere but to update their Google Business profile, so this made some announcements easier to share, like:

  • COVID updates,
  • Special offers,
  • Discount,
  • New dental services you start to offer,
  • Updated business information.

The more you share, the more possibility of attracting new patients to your practice because you help Google algorithm with the latest details.

All this extra effort and the posts you share let Google know more about your dental practice and the current situation.

If you have new opening dates, new locations, and regulations, or you offer new services, Google will adapt the search results accordingly and bring patients to your practice who are looking for a dental practice similar to yours or a dental service that you are actively offering.

Should A Dentist Use Google Business Posts?

Should A Dentist Use Google Business Posts

With every new update that will help your digital marketing efforts comes the question of whether you should use it. You might wonder the same thing about Google Business posts as a dentist.

After all, it takes time to get familiar with them and start constantly using them, and you might think that it is not worth it for a dental practice.

Our answer is that using Google Business posts might help you to have higher outreach for the latest services you offer in your practice.

The reason behind this is that it is an extra step to making your local SEO efforts more efficient and successful.

Dental practices must use local SEO and not general SEO, so these posts get more important if you want a better local SEO.

You are posting directly on Google, which allows Google to pull all that information and mirror it to the search results for your dental practice to rank higher on keywords that are suitable for your practice.

That’s why taking the extra few minutes to post something is something you must do.

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The Most Efficient Method of Using Google Business Posts for Dentists

Efficient Method of Using Google Business Posts for Dentists

The critical part when it comes to starting to use Google Business posts is how you should do it and what is the most efficient method.

There are different ways to achieve success with Google Business posts, but ideally, it should focus on attracting attention and providing information about your dental practice.

Here are some of the things to make your Google Business posts efficient:

  • Don’t make your posts too long, and don’t get close to maxing the character limit. Focus on giving your message as short and as efficient as possible so that people can understand what you are saying in a glimpse.
  • Remember to post all the updates there and not miss anything. If you discontinue providing one of your dental procedures, post that because Google will no longer show you on the search results of those keywords.
  • If you add visuals to your posts, do not use low-quality or blurry visuals. Always use high-quality and resolution visuals to make it professional.
  • Make sure to always add a clear call to action. All your Google Business posts have to have a purpose and a good call to action to shine that purpose. It could be something like “book your dental appointment today” or “get your discount on our new service now.”
  • You must remember that Google Business might visually be similar to other social media platforms, but its language isn’t. You have to be slightly more formal and don’t use slangs, emojis, or texts that sound informal.

Ranking on the top as a dental business is important and also not the easiest job.

However, with the right optimization of your Google Business profile and now your posts, you can unlock doors to the right SEO optimization easier and faster.

That’s why you should spend the extra minute polishing your Google Business posts and try to do it right to avoid missing out on those new opportunities.

The Verdict

Google Business is one of the best products for any business’s digital marketing effort due to its large user base.

It gets even more golden for local businesses such as dental practices. Because it aims for a specific audience in a certain location and works with a physical address.

Thanks to Google Business, you can put yourself on Google Maps and certain keywords’ search results without spending too much time.

With the introduction of Google Business posts, there are more opportunities to discover.

Your dental practice gets an easier path to ranking higher on the search engine for the services you provide and not something else.

Try to use this amazing opportunity and start posting content with the right optimization.

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