Geofencing for Dentists: Location Targeting to Grow Your Practice

Digital marketing is actually a very new process. Because it is in its early stages, many new concepts are always coming up.

They are mostly to make digital marketing more efficient and to target your customer base with better accuracy, especially for local businesses such as dental practices. One of the newest additions to digital marketing is geofencing.

Normally, a digital marketing campaign focuses on an individual’s specific traits, such as demographics, hobbies, interests, chosen addresses, and so on.

Geofencing changed this approach to make it more efficient by live locations. Its total aim is to find more relevant people with the latest information available.

Geofencing For Dentists Service

What is Geofencing?

What is Geofencing

Geofencing is the technology to use a specific location and pinpoint the people that are currently there. This mostly tracks the location of mobile phones and other technological devices.

By tracking the current location, your dental practice can know who is where at the time you are giving your ad.

This allows you to target people in your town who didn’t move somewhere else but forgot to change their address details.

It is basically focusing on people that are in close proximity to your dental practice or chosen location. It increases your chances of getting more clients with more accurate targeting.

Geofencing Explained!

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How Does Geofencing Work?

Geofencing could actually work in some kind of different ways for the end-user, as you can choose it yourself. The first one is for a specific location, like a city, state, or country.

The other is that you draw a virtual location around the place you want to show your ads on.

Both of them actually work the same way, technically. It draws a virtual boundary around the location you set.

Anyone within those boundaries and also match the other parts of your marketing campaign will see that ad.

This means that if someone’s location is set to Chicago but if they travel to New York for a short time and your dental practice is in New York doing geofencing, they will see your ad when they are in New York.

What are the Benefits?

Depending on the reason and way you use geofencing, you can unlock several benefits for better success in your digital marketing efforts.

Bigger Customer base

Bigger Customer base

When you use geofencing to show ads to people in selected areas, you put yourself in front of everyone, whether using Google to search for something or not.

If you are only using social media platforms’ ad services, you are likely to miss out on some people that might be interested in your practice.

For example, if you are offering check-ups at a discounted price, you can target suburban areas or office areas to let people know about this.

While surfing on their mobile phone during their lunch break, they might see your ad without a Google search.

Higher conversion rates

Higher conversion rates

Since you are targeting locations and places where there are likely to be more patients than an entire city or state, you’ll have higher conversion rates.

You have the option to target those who are more likely to visit your practice by following your ad.

You can try to increase your conversion rates even more by modifying the ad more and more as you have more information.

More efficient statistic tracking

statistic tracking

When doing traditional paid digital marketing, your statistics focus on clicks, visits or form submissions on your ad.

Tracking all these to know for sure if they turned into a client or not is basically impossible. However, this is not the case with geofencing because it focuses on your current location.

With geofencing, you can make sure whether you had visits to your dental practice or not because the geofencing uses your physical address.

Because this technology has your physical office address as the conversion metric, you’ll know if someone visited your address through these ads.

You can know for sure the exact numbers who saw your ad and how they came to your practice through that. 

Examples of Geofencing

You might think that implementing geofencing technology as a dental practice might not make sense because the use cases are not too many.

Even though this is partially true, you can still make use of geofencing as a dental business owner and attract people from surrounding places.

Here are some of the examples that we think might work the best, but you can always add your own creativity:

  • To offer more dental implants or similar procedures, geofence around places where seniors are living, such as communities for retired people.
  • Come up with a special offer and geofence that offer to compete with your rival dental practice in its office area.
  • As a pediatric dentist, you can use geofence around daycare or kindergartens for parents to see your ad and business for their kids.
  • Use gyms as a geofence area to sell more dental protection services.
  • Geofence around suburban areas to encourage people’s annual check-ups at your dental clinic with a special offer.

Even though your options are not as wide as some other industries, this doesn’t mean geofencing is not good at all. There are many ways to cover with a little bit of creativity.

All you have to do is cover places strategically. All you need is to find locations that you think would be useful for you and have your customer base.

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The Verdict

To conclude, geofencing is a new technology in the digital marketing area and is extremely useful for most local businesses with physical addresses.

It draws a virtual boundary on the map, targets people within that virtual location, and shows your ads whenever they are in that location.

This allows your practice to focus on potential customers who are close to your practice and more likely to visit.

This method could get you more patients and grow your dental practice faster and easier than traditional digital marketing methods.

Even though there are way more use cases for some other businesses, dental practices can still make use of this technology by leveraging certain locations to their benefit.

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