Dental SEO Services For California Practices

In a big state like California, where there is a lot of competition, it’s important to use digital means like dental SEO to get ahead of them.

Digital presence is extremely important, no matter where you are. However, it gets more important in a state with a dense population.

Dental SEO helps you to increase your brand awareness and visibility and get more patients to your clinic.

Dental SEO is not as easy as you might think it to be. It is a combination of several strategies, and you must do them perfectly to achieve good results.

DentalsExpert is ready to help you get your dental SEO in order and start your journey.

What is Dental SEO?

Dental SEO is the approach to increase your digital visibility and brand awareness through organic traffic.

By utilizing keywords, creating valuable content, and increasing your domain authority, you try to keep your website on top of the search results.

There are several strategies to implement for a successful dental SEO.

1. Keyword Research & Strategy

Keyword Research & Strategy California

Keyword optimization is an essential part of dental SEO. To create the most optimal optimization, you need to do keyword research through available tools and see what keywords are trending in your area.

With your findings, you then come up with a strategy. This strategy should be around using one or two main keywords in your content, mostly spread in headings, subheadings, the content itself, title, and meta tags.

2. Technical SEO

Technical SEO California

If a search engine can’t read your content technically, it can’t also crawl and index your website on the search results.

An optimized site architecture, URL structure, sitemaps, and meta titles and tags make it easier for search engines to read your website.

When they can crawl your website, indexing the context on the relevant search results is easier.

3. Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization California

Any mentions or citations about your website on other platforms and websites are a part of off-page optimization.

When another website hyperlinks your website in their content, someone leaves a review or mentions you in their social media post; search engines can see this.

As these mentions increase, your domain authority increases because search engines will know your content is valuable enough to quote.

With this increase, your content can rank higher than your competitors with lower authority.

4. On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization California

Optimizing your content, title tags, headings, meta tags and titles, internal and external links, and anything else you can control on your website is on-page optimization.

Optimization is about better focus on your keywords and aims to rank you higher on a larger scale of keywords.

5. Content Writing

Content Writing California

If you don’t have content on your website, you are missing out on opportunities to optimize for more keywords and increase your visibility.

Content writing generally comes in informational blog posts or service posts that explain your services as a dentist.

The content you write must be long-form, quality, authentic, and keyword optimized, including the headings.

6. Link Building

Link Building California

Another website linking your content or website as a source is link building.

Link building generally happens with hyperlinking, and search engines take this into account when evaluating your website technically.

The more link-building you do, the more search engines rank you higher because your content is quality and trustworthy.

7. Local SEO

Local SEO California

Local SEO is localizing your website, its content, headings, tags, and URLs.

By focusing on keywords and topics ranking high in your area, you make sure you rank high on the search results of your area.

Optimizing your Google My Business profile and registering for local online directories are also important that contribute to your local SEO.

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Why Us?

DentalsExpert has been providing dental SEO services for its clients for years. All our projects also come with success and give us a good track record.

Here are three reasons as to why you should choose us.

1. Punctuality

Every second counts for a local business. We understand this, and we always give you the results at the time we promise.

In case there is an unforeseen event that makes us delay the delivery, we will let you know in advance so that you can plan accordingly.

2. Active Communication

After we start our collaboration, we will always keep in touch with you through an online communication channel.

We give you frequent updates about the situation of the project, and you can also reach us anytime. We will try to answer your message as soon as we can.

3. Years of Experience

DentalsExpert has been working in this industry for years, providing successful services to many dental practices.

We know the best practices thanks to our years of experience in the industry, and we provide you the best solutions without any mistakes.

How We Work?

Success doesn’t come by chance. It comes from good practices. We have guidelines that we stick to when we are working with our clients.

Of course, you can’t always do the same procedure for everyone, but the general approach is mostly the same.

1. Research


The first and perhaps the most important step is to get to know your dental practice.

We take several meetings to learn about which services you offer, your experience in the dental industry, and anything related.

2. Planning


Once we have enough information in our hands, we will start drawing up a specialized plan for you.

This plan takes everything into account from starting from the very beginning to the last step. It also includes the deadlines as to when we expect to finish the parts of the plan and give you the result.

3. Taking Action

Taking Action

We start taking action by sticking to the plan we created in the previous step. We take it to step by step and ensure everything is going as planned.

During this process, you will be able to closely see what we are doing, thanks to us keeping active communication and giving you frequent updates.

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Should Every California Dental Practice Do SEO?

California is a massive state, and keeping your dental practice busy with new patients might be hard.

You need to rank higher on the digital scene to make things easier and establish dominance among your competition.

Dental SEO is the best approach to do this. Reach out to us now and get an example of a dental SEO.

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How long does it take to see results for dental SEO?

It’s hard to give a number without knowing about your dental practice and needs. It generally changes but on average. We start seeing results after the first three to six months.

How expensive is dental SEO?

Dental SEO is an organic digital marketing campaign. Contrary to paid marketing channels, you don’t have to pay anything.

However, it takes longer to see results because it’s strictly organic, and it takes a while for search engines to recognize you.

Do you have to do all these strategies for a successful dental SEO?

Yes. Dental SEO is a combination of these strategies, and each of these strategies plays a crucial role in ranking higher on the search results. Anything missing might make it harder to be successful.

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