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For the last few years, computer use has been decreasing. The use of mobile phones is on the rise, and many people choose to use their mobile devices rather than their computers when searching for something. On top of that, this research doesn’t happen on browsers.

App stores of these phones play a major role in people using a business. By having a good designed mobile app, you can attract many new customers and keep them occupied.

A dental business is a business that people go to on a continuous basis.

Even though it is not something that you use very frequently, it is still a must in everyone’s lives.

Your mobile app as a dental business owner should be a must on your customer’s phones. To achieve this, you need to have a killer mobile app design.

However, having a good mobile app design is not very easy. You can’t do it yourself if you are not a professional.

That’s why you need to work with professionals to get it going, and DentalsExpert is right here to help you.

Custom Dental Mobile App Design Company

What Should You Expect in a Good Mobile App Design?

What Should You Expect in a Good Mobile App Design

A good mobile app design is very crucial. You never know what will work every time for every customer because everyone’s taste is different.

However, this shouldn’t stop you from having expectations of a good mobile app design.

There are millions of mobile apps out there that seem to get it right, with millions of customers using these apps.

They have distinctions making them different. Some of those things that make them different are what you should expect.

Usability: If a mobile app design doesn’t allow for easy usability, that design is probably not a good one. A good mobile app design must help your customers to use the app without a hassle.

Solid design:Your mobile app should be extremely concrete. No glitches, no bugs, and no mistakes.

This makes a design solid and preferable over others. DentalsExpert puts the maximum effort into creating a design without any of these.

Understanding of the market: You might create an app, but if the taste of the customer base doesn’t go well with it, it will not succeed.

Some customer bases like simplicity, and some like extravagant designs on the app. Researching the market and designing according to those needs are important.

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Why Invest in Dental Mobile App Design?

Why Invest in Dental Mobile App Design

The mobile app market is growing every single day. Statista states that the global mobile application market size was $187.5b in 2021. This number is expected to grow at a 10% rate every year.

Considering that there is amazing growth and already a staggering market size for mobile applications, not being there is a huge missing part.

With a good mobile application design, your dental business could easily offer benefits such as:

  • Discounts
  • You can create referral programs
  • Freebies
  • Advertisement of a new feature of your dental business

That is why investing in a good dental mobile app design is a good idea. However, while investing in dental mobile app design, you have to be careful. You have to know what exactly you are getting.

That is because most businesses are different. Their needs and, of course, their mobile applications need different features.

A dental mobile app design might not need the same feature as a fast-food chain. That’s why you need to invest but be careful as to what you are putting your money in.

What Aspects are Important in Dental Mobile App Design?

When you are looking at the current popular mobile applications on the play store, you see several things in common.

They are popular and at the top of the list for various reasons. This could be great UX design, easy to use, lower loading times, or the popularity of the business.

Anything could affect a mobile app’s success. But perhaps the design is the top priority because the user needs to like what they are using. There are many important features that make a good mobile app design attractive.

Amazing UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

When you see a mobile application, you first think of its design layer. The fonts, colors, and other aspects make a design a good one. UI/UX stands for user interface and user experience design.

What UI includes:

  • Visual design
  • Colors
  • Graphic design
  • Typography
  • Layouts

UI plays a bigger role in an app’s design for end-user usage. UI focuses more on how the application looks to the human eye.

These things need to be amazing so that your customer can be attracted by your design.

What UX includes:

  • Interaction design
  • Information architecture
  • User Research

Once you lure your customer in, your UX design starts to play a role. Both are important, but UI makes the first impression which could be more important.

DentalsExpert provides you with professionals both in UI and UX design to make your app great both ways.

How Easy to Navigate

How the entire app looks to your eyes is not the entirety of a good mobile app design. A design consists of the user experience, too. That’s why the mobile app design must be easy to navigate everywhere.

This means that a user must be able to find what they are looking for with simple clicks.

When it takes too long to find a specific page, the user might just give up. This will reduce the usage percentage of your app, not allowing your business to grow.

Prediction of Users’ Needs

The thing that many apps lack but are nevertheless important is prediction.

In the making of your mobile app, you need to know who you are making the app for. This opens the way for deep research, which is a must.

Because you know what your customers want and likes, you can put that on your mobile app design.

When your customer is navigating around your app, they might get recommendations or predictions of what they are looking for.

Low loading times

Low loading times

In any digital part of the internet, one of the things that put people away is slowness.

This is no different in dental mobile application designs. If your app has low loading times, it will not be an efficient and good design.

DentalsExpert focus on making your mobile app fast while having a good design. Integrating them together makes an amazing experience for the end user.

We are well aware of this and do it the best way we can to make your app run smoothly and fast.

Brand Image Consistency

No one wants to see a different color on every button they click. This makes it extremely confusing for both sides. It also hurts your business because you won’t have clear and conscious branding.

You have to have the same color and design on your mobile app’s buttons, input fields, and other important elements.

This allows your end-user to have a smoother experience and unconsciously remember your dental business brand.


Nowadays, we have many different mobile systems. With mobile systems comes complexity in terms of mobile applications. This also creates two sides to the optimization of mobile apps.

The first side is the size of the pages. For great optimization, all of the text on different pages must scale well on various screens, from big to small ones.

The second one is the optimization of the different operating systems. The most popular ones are Android and iOS. There are also more operating systems that are not as popular as these two.

However, DentalsExpert believes that it matters to optimize more than just these two operating systems. We strive to give the best optimization on every type of screen and operating system.



The accessibility of mobile applications is overlooked by nearly all mobile app designs.

A sizeable number of people use mobile applications with some sort of accessibility problem. Impaired vision, color blindness, deafness, and also other disabilities.

Your mobile app design should ideally accommodate these people. Especially for a business like a dental business, this becomes more important because everyone needs dental business.

So having your mobile app designed to suit people with disabilities is a huge plus that will put your design ahead of many mobile apps out there.

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What Differentiates DentalsExpert from Others?

Mobile app design might seem like a job that most professionals can do.

Even though that might be true, there are pieces that complete a perfect mobile app design. These pieces are small pieces and not easy to find.

DentalsExpert has been working relentlessly to find out what works best and what doesn’t. All of our efforts gave us tremendous experience on how to make perfect dental mobile app design.

Our experience both in the dental business and in the mobile application design makes a great combo for any dental business to have a killer mobile app design. So when you work with DentalsExpert, you get both.

A combination of experience in the dental business and in mobile application design is our biggest differentiator from other mobile app design professionals out there. Also, we know what a dental business needs that other businesses don’t.

Benefits of Mobile Apps

Get Your Dental Mobile App Design with DentalsExpert

As a dental business owner, if you are in need of a dental mobile app design, you are in the right place.

With the combination of our expertise both in the dental business and in mobile app design, we will give you the best result possible.

So get in touch with us to start your journey and get your dental mobile app designed as fast as possible. We will start working on your needs right after our initial kick-off meeting.

Dental Mobile App Design: FAQ

How much do you need for a mobile app design?

The cost of mobile app design varies a lot by many different aspects. From the type of mobile app design, you need to what your dental business is like. Some dental businesses don’t have much to offer. Thus, they need an easier design.

However, some dental businesses offer a great variety of services along with different benefits or pricing. This kind of dental business requires more complex research and design for their mobile app.

As DentalsExpert, we can’t give you a number that will fit everyone.

Because we work customized and we want to give you the best result possible, we first need to hear from you. After hearing about your needs and business, we can give you a quote.

How long does it take to get the design finished?

Just like the pricing of a mobile app design, the time it takes to finish it varies quite a lot. Just like we do with the pricing of your design, we need to assess your needs first and see what you need.

Once we get a hold of the work that we need to do and how many experts will need to work on your project, we can give you an assessment.

It could take a month or several months. But a good rule of thumb is that it takes at least several weeks to get a result.

Is mobile app design necessary for every dental business?

Due to the internet age we are living in right now, a strong presence online is necessary.

On top of this fact, you also need to be present on mobile phones. As a dental business, you might have quite a lot of services you are offering.

In addition to the services, you might have programs to award your frequent customers. Putting all of them together in one place is a great way, and a website is not the only place you can do this.

There is a massive increase in mobile phone use, and this makes mobile applications a gold mine.

While you are doing this on a mobile app, you need to attract customers with a great design to your mobile app so that they will be keener to use it.

That is why we believe that it is necessary for every dental business to have a good dental mobile app design.

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