What Industry is a Dentist in?

Everyone on the planet needs to visit a dentist frequently to make sure their teeth and mouth are healthy. Because everyone needs it, it is a must profession and an ever-increasing industry.

Dentists are working in the dentistry industry, which means they have their own industry. This industry also has many departments and services.

What Industry is a Dentist in

Departments of the Dentist Industry

Dental Consultation and Diagnostic

Dental Consultation

If you don’t know what’s going on with your teeth and need diagnostics, you first need to get that done.

To do this, you need to go to the dental consultation department, where you will talk to a generalist dentist.

Restorative Dental Department

It could happen that your teeth get damaged or get missing after an accident.

When this happens, you need to restore the damaged or missing teeth, and the restorative department helps you with this, where you will talk with a prosthodontist.

Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery

Even though the teeth and jaw areas are very small and compact compared to other parts of our body, surgery still might be needed.

You might need surgery for any kind of issue, and for that, you would need to see a specialist depending on the core of the issue.

Dental Examination

For either your annual check-up or just to determine the cause of a problem you are facing, you need an examination. Generalist dentists do the dental examination and try to pinpoint the problem.

Dental Treatment

Dental Treatment

Once you know what the issue is with your teeth or if you are already aware of it, you try to locate the best option for your dental treatment. Sometimes a generalist can do it, but in most cases, you need to find the right specialist.

Nonsurgical endodontics

Endodontists mostly do root canals or other types of treatments where there is a need for surgery.

However, sometimes, there are also nonsurgical endodontist operations depending on your situation, without doing any surgical treatment.

Specialized Dental Practicing

Specialized Dental Practicing

If you have a special issue that requires additional information to treat, a generalist will probably not be able to help you. Specialized dental practices focus on various issues separately.

General Dental Practicing

Generally, when you have a dental problem, or you want a general examination or something that doesn’t require specialization, you need to see a generalist. The general dental practice focuses on fixing easy, small, and frequent issues.

Dental Anesthesiology

Dental Anesthesiology

If it happens and you need to get surgery on your teeth, jaw, or mouth, you will need anesthesia.

Anesthetists are professionals working in dental anesthesiology, focusing on giving you the right amount of anesthesia so that the procedure can go smoothly.

Services of the Dentist Industry

General Dentistry

General Dentistry

The General dentists do not focus on just one special area but focus on the health of the patient’s teeth and oral hygiene.

General dentists can also offer implants, dental bridges, bonding, dentures, tooth decay treatments, and other services that do not require specialization.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentists generally focus on issues that do not pose a threat to your health and teeth.

Just like other cosmetic needs, cosmetic dentists also work on improving your looks with teeth bleaching or whitening.

Periodontal Dentistry

Periodontal Dentistry

Periodontists focus on the structures that support our teeth. They look for diseases and other conditions affecting the entire structure.

Orthodontic Dentistry

Orthodontists focus on mostly aligning your teeth, jaw, crossbites, and overbites.

They help to correct these misalignments on your teeth and face and fix them with retainers, braces, palate expanders, and other tools.

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

A Pediatrist focuses on the dental health and hygiene of children.

They help with many issues, but the most frequent ones are teeth cleaning, filling cavities, and closely monitoring the development of the child’s teeth.

Endodontic Dentistry

If you are looking to get a root canal, you go to an endodontist. Endodontists focus on dealing with the sensitive part of your tooth and fixing it when it is damaged, has a disease, or gets infected.

Prosthodontic Dentistry

Prosthodontic Dentistry

All prosthodontists do is replace the missing or damaged teeth in your mouth. They design, create, and fit the necessary replacements for your damaged or instead of your missing teeth.

Oral and Maxillofacial Dentistry

One of the hardest services in the dentistry industry is oral and maxillofacial surgeons. They are mostly known for a wisdom tooth removal.

However, they also align jaws that are misaligned, fix the face traumas after an accident, implant, graft bones, perform TMJ surgeries, and conduct biopsies.

The Verdict

The dentistry industry is quite big, with many specialties and services included in it.

If you want to become a dentist, you can either become a specialist, where you focus on one thing or be a generalist, where you deal with most general problems.


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