Writing Great Biography For Dental Practices

Every dentist has their own website to promote their business and also themselves.

A good dentist website must include the most basic things, such as your services, contact number, appointments, and frequently asked questions.

After all, patients mostly look for these things to make an appointment with you.

Writing Great Biography

However, including your biography as a dentist on your website might be trivial and generate more leads.

It might seem unnecessary to add a biography of you, thinking that patients won’t read it, but they actually read it before making appointments.

If you offer similar services to other dentists in the area, your biography might help you stand out.

What Should be Included in a Biography?

What Should be Included in a Biography

A biography is a short text talking about your personal background and professional achievements.

That way, it ideally gives an outlook about you and how well you can do your job to the reader, potentially your patients.

By adding both professional and personal stories, you make sure that potential patients can see your qualifications to treat them and also if they can connect with you on a personal level.

A good biography doesn’t sound like reading a resume. It shouldn’t be boring and straightforward.

Your biography should be like introducing yourself to someone you just met, so rather softer, short, and includes both stories.

Here are the most basic things that must be on your biography:

  • Education and residency history
  • Whether you have any ongoing education
  • Your specialization education – if there is any
  • Any awards, recognitions, or similar things
  • Professional experiences
  • Any volunteer work you did
  • The reason that made you become a dentist
  • Your family and family life
  • Any hobbies

There should be a good balance between explaining your professional achievements and your personal life.

Although talking about your personal life, especially some deep topics, might not be feasible for everyone, which is okay.

The ideal scenario is talking about things you are comfortable with becoming public, but the more, the merrier to create a deep connection with your patients.

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Shaping an Attractive Biography

Shaping an Attractive Biography

You might know what to include in your biography to make it entertaining, easy to read and attractive, but writing is another tough job.

You have to put that information in the right order to make it look like it’s flowing in a conversation and not just reading out a paragraph from a resume.

It’s okay if you are not good at writing. A good idea is to think of a time when you are introducing yourself to someone else.

This means that ideally, you should start talking about yourself, where you are from and other basic information.

Then you talk about your education and any residences before moving into the career section and maybe some other personal notes in between. Lastly, adding a few hobbies is a good closing.

Here is how it should ideally go:

  • Your name and other personal information
  • Educational and residency background (with locations, preferably)
  • Your career path
  • Any accomplishments you made or awards you got during that time
  • A little bit of your family
  • Hobbies and other light personal details you’d like to share

The order of these might change, but this is the ideal one to satisfy your patients most of the time.

They know the most basic information about you and then learn about your qualifications, where they decide if they want to be your patient.

Then once they like your qualifications, the most important part, they move on to learn more about you as a person to see if you can get along well before making the last decision.

Personal Information

The first part of talking about yourself must be very short and contain only your name, where you work, where you grew up, and something similar.

The idea here is to give the reader a picture of who they are reading. You shouldn’t go deep dive and make it too long. Preferably, one or two short sentences are more than enough to start off.

Educational Background

This part is tricky because some dentists, especially specialized ones, have a long educational background.

You shouldn’t make it that long. It should contain the most important educational background. Still, if you feel all is important, it’s also okay but not preferable.

With names and locations of the educational institutions, you can write all the educations you had and currently ongoing ones.

This is the part where you slowly show the reader how capable you are of providing good treatment, so don’t be scared to talk about it.

Your Career and Achievements

Writing about your career and achievements is crucial to making your biography attractive.

If you go too deep, you will make it look like a resume, it will feel boring, and there will be a lot of unnecessary information.

You have to stick with the most important information about your career.

Ideally, you should start from your residency, move on to your first job, and then the latest updates on your career. You can add any awards or achievements you have received between or after.

This will keep it short but also enough to show your patients your qualifications and capability.

Deeper Personal Information

Providing other personal information, such as your family and hobbies, should be at the last part and must be extremely short.

This is the part where your patients will decide if they would want to visit you or not. 

Because they are already sure of your qualifications and they are looking to see the personal connection.

You don’t have to provide more personal information than you are comfortable but try to write one or two sentences.

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The verdict

Writing a good biography for your dentist’s website shouldn’t be a stressful and long journey. It is actually very simple.

You should talk about yourself in a mixed tone of friendly and professional to make sure your patients know who they are going to work with.

With a nice photo and a nice-toned attractive biography, your patients will get to see you as a person and feel comfortable coming to their appointment.

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