Why You Shouldn’t Put Music on Your Dental Website?

Back in the days of the internet, there was a popular trend of putting music on websites, especially on dental websites.

It was a rather common method to have an audio element on the dental website because it wasn’t as easy as it is today to use multimedia elements.

Times are changing, and music on dental websites is also becoming a thing of the past.

Why You Shouldn't Put Music on Your Dental Website

There are many reasons why putting music on your dental website is a bad idea, and it shouldn’t be a common practice.

This is mostly because of other media channel developments, and the use of devices has significantly changed. Let’s see why putting music on your dental website is a bad idea.

How Putting Music Damages Your Dental Website Visibility?

How Putting Music Damages Your Dental Website Visibility

The very first thing using music on your website damages is your visibility. Different from video streams or texts, music can’t generally be related to the dentist and the services you offer.

This creates an extra addition for search engines to index and focus on the wrong things and miss out on your focus keywords.

When the visibility of your website gets damaged, this affects the entirety of the digital presence of your dental practice, and your lead generation to your dental practice decreases.

Instead of putting music, you should try to focus on other media elements, such as videos that focus on dental topics and your keywords, for increased visibility.

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Are There Better Methods?

If your aim is to use some sort of audio and not video or other media streams, this is still not the brightest idea.

Most of these audios, whether music or something else, starts immediately after entering the website, which doesn’t generally give a professional overview.

It might also not be the best use case for patients visiting your website in a crowded place. They will likely not use your website ever again and go for other options that don’t disturb them.

So, the best method is to not use audio on your website, whether music or other kinds of audio streaming.

How Does it Reduce Website Usability?

How Does it Reduce Website Usability

Perhaps the biggest issue with using music and other audio streams on your website is that it might decrease the usability of your website by a big margin on some devices.

In a time of efficiency and fast result, if your website’s usability and speed are not good on any device, the end-user will probably go for another option.

When you use music in the background, it needs to fetch to start playing, and this might put an extra burden on the website bandwidth, especially on mobile devices.

Instead of spending the website’s bandwidth to stream audio that doesn’t add anything good, you should use your bandwidth for useful things, such as video streams.

Mobile Usability

On top of the decreased computer usability, most mobile devices do not allow automated music streaming on a browser to ensure everything works smoothly.

Also, if someone is using their mobile data, they will lose quite a lot of data listening to music while browsing your website. These are the two of the most important things for a mobile user.

Interrupting The Comfort

Additionally, many people who are surfing the web or using devices to research something already listen to something in the background.

This not only frustrates your potential visitors to your dental website, but it also creates a major distraction.

It becomes the number one reason to leave your website and go to another website for ease of use.

While you are designing your website, you have to think about the comfort of your visitors, and putting an automated music stream in the background is not the best thing.

It easily frustrates your website users and also might create an embarrassing situation if they are not alone.

Copyright Costs

Even considering all of the negatives that come with the audio stream on your website, if you still decide to put music, there is another issue.

Music belongs to its respective owner, and you need to get the copyrights for that. You can’t just put the top 15 songs and expect them to be free.

You have to pay for the copyrights to the owners of the music. This costs a lot of money and might not be sustainable because acquiring copyrights is not cheap, and also, there might be continuous fees.

You can use music that doesn’t need a copyright, but those music is not popular and might not be attractive enough.

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The Verdict

To conclude, putting music on your dental website is generally not a wise choice when you weigh the pros and cons.

It decreases the usability of your website, frustrates your visitors, and creates a painful experience on mobile devices.

In addition to this, it also interferes with your SEO efforts and decreases your visibility.

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