Why Dentists Should Issue Press Releases? – Sensible Reasons

Press releases were a big thing in the past until social media posts and the ability to immediately share everything with a click took over.

It might feel like it’s unnecessary to post these press releases anymore on your dental website, but this is not entirely true.

Press releases can still take a big space on your website and even on your social media pages for other purposes rather than solely informing your patients.

Why Dentists Should Issue Press Releases

At DentalsExpert, we like to use press releases as a supporting agent to improve your local SEO and increase your visibility.

In addition, press releases are a great way to let your visitors and patients know about something new or a significant event in your dental practice.

Let’s see why dentists should keep issuing press releases and not make it a thing of the past.

Why Press Releases Can Be Important?

Why Press Releases Can Be Important

Dental practices are hard to distinguish from their competition because they mostly offer the same services.

Some biggest differentiators for dental practices are their brand reputation, quality of their work, number of services they offer, and their visibility on the internet.

Press releases help to support some of these differentiators and contribute to your local SEO.

We generally use press releases to promote an event, update, change, or similar significant events.

They help to popularize these things while attracting attention to your dental practice and improving the overall SEO of your practice’s website.

These press releases include hot keywords, are easy to read, and are direct to the point, which supports local SEO best.

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Topics for Press Releases

Topics for Press Releases

It’s important to write press releases, but you shouldn’t write them about anything.

A press release aims to be compelling and newsworthy, attract attention, and provide information to the reader. These are some examples of press release topics for your dental practice:

  • Launch of a new location for your dental practice
  • Opening of a new dental practice
  • Launch of a new dental service offering
  • Having a new dentist in your practice
  • Rebranding your dental practice
  • Celebrations of any kind, like milestones
  • Any kind of donation or a charity campaign that you are launching
  • Participation in any kind of community events
  • Any award or certification that you, one of your dentists, or your dental practice receive
  • Announcements of any kind, like the publishment of an article
  • Sharing common dental tips or short education materials
  • Promotion of any kind of event you are doing
  • Retirement of one of your dentists

Should Every Dental Practice Issue Press Releases?

Should Every Dental Practice Issue Press Releases

Your dental practice might be small, there might not be as frequent updates or announcements as other practices, and you might wonder if you need press releases.

This is a good question, but whatever your dental practice’s situation, you should always opt for having press releases.

Even though press releases generally announce something, you can also have press releases talking about tips and tricks or educational materials.

It’s mostly up to you to choose the topic of a press release. However, we believe that every dental practice must issue press releases continuously.

You must remember they are not just for the sake of issuing them and communicating with your patients. They are also a massive help in serving your local SEO efforts.

By having frequent, related, quality, and easy-to-read press releases, you have an update on your website related to dentistry that’s filled with hot keywords.

Google and other search engine algorithms can detect these and increase your search ranking on the search results.

This increases your visibility, brand awareness, and reputation in return, which is why press releases are important for every dental practice.

Press Release Services

Press releases are important, and writing them is not the easiest job you can do on your own.

On top of finding the time, it’s also possible that you can make quite a lot of mistakes if you take it into your hands, and your press releases might not be as effective as you imagined.

Let us handle all the work for you and give you a stress and mistake-free process from day one.

DentalsExpert has an in-house SEO team that can help you with your press releases as an addition to our SEO services.

You will not have to pay expensive fees to public relations firms to write these press releases for you all the time.

DentalsExpert is ready to do the work and give you an affordable, quality, simple, and hassle-free outcome.

We can help you pick relevant topics and write a piece that will attract the attention of your patients and news outlets. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you and what you can expect from us.

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The Verdict

To conclude, press releases might seem like they are a thing of the past, and social media posts should be more frequent.

However, it’s not the case. Press releases can still be extremely beneficial in improving your brand visibility, reputation, and awareness and contribute to your local SEO efforts.

They are a great way to promote an event, new service, location, website, or any other significant event.

Because your press releases will include many keywords about your dental practice and dentistry in general, they help a great deal with local SEO.

This is one of the biggest reasons why you should issue press releases as a dentist. It keeps your brand active and attracts new patients and visitors to your dental practice website.

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