Why Build Cloud Based Dental Apps?

The use of mobile devices has been increasing steadily for the last few decades, and they are now an important part of dental practices’ visibility.

A better mobile app could put you ahead of those who don’t have a mobile app or have a problematic one. However, making a good mobile app has many aspects.

One of those important aspects is what kind of app you will have, whether cloud based or a native mobile application.

They have differences in themselves, but cloud based dental apps are generally easier to build, maintain, and have ease of use.

Let’s see why you should focus on building cloud based apps for your dental practice.

Why build cloud based dental apps?

What Are Cloud Based Dental Apps?

What Are Cloud Based Dental Apps

Cloud based dental apps are apps that you don’t have to download and can access with whichever operating system your phone has.

You can generally view these apps in a browser on any device with an internet connection. They are similar to web-based dental apps, and they run on servers that are not on mobile devices.

Mobile cloud applications need the use of a browser to display the app’s UI. This means that cloud based applications don’t focus on just one operating system.

Any phone can automatically connect without having to worry about optimization. It will run smoothly on whichever device the user has.

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Why You Should Have Cloud Based Dental Apps?

We mostly recommend the use of cloud based dental apps over native applications.

There are some reasons why we think cloud based dental apps are better overall. Here are some of those reasons.

Limitations by app stores

Limitations by app stores

You don’t need to have your cloud based application on any application store. They have their own limitation, and some of them don’t allow web based applications in their store.

If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry about that, as you can reach cloud based apps with an URL or a QR code.

Ability to use different platforms

Ability to use different platforms

For apps that are not cloud based, you need to develop them one by one for each operating system. This could be extremely costly and take more time than you can afford.

They would also require specific maintenance with new updates to these operating systems.

When you have a cloud based app, you can run the app on every device and operating system without the need to optimize.

This will allow you to reach out to a broader audience and also save on costs and time. It also doesn’t require specific maintenance for each operating system.

Protection from OS updates

Protection from OS updates

Operating systems generally get frequent updates and some occasional big updates that could affect your application.

When your app gets broken because of these updates, you might need a lot of development time which will cost you money and time. Cloud based dental apps do not rely on any operating system.

This means that whatever happens to an operating system, the app will not break as a result of these updates.

As long as the phone has access to a web browser, your app will work fine without any problem.

No approval processes

No approval processes

You can never guarantee whether your application will be accepted into any application store or not.

The native applications carry the risk of rejection and also other ways for blockage from the application store. Cloud based apps don’t have to be on any application store.

You can still put your app on an application store to increase your chances of getting discovered, but it’s not necessary.

Cloud based dental apps don’t have to adhere to the rules of any application store.

Less storage space

Less storage space

An individual must download the traditional native applications which take up space on a mobile device.

This might not be the biggest problem nowadays, but a dental app would be one of the first to go in case of a storage problem.

As you don’t need to download cloud based apps, there is no need for storage space.

You can just use your website browser to use the application without downloading anything.

A cloud based app could have an icon on the home screen, but that’s pretty much it, and it doesn’t take up any space.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Application stores might make problems with using your applications in case there is a problem with your application store account.

By not having your app directly related to the application store, you eliminate the risk of users not being able to use your app. All they need to do is to go to your app on their browser.

Easier to update

Easier to update

When you are releasing updates, you don’t have to worry about the optimization for each of the operating systems.

It’s much easier to do, and you can release the update in one go. Also, application stores could block any updates for several reasons depending on their terms of service with native applications.

Should You Consider a Cloud Based Dental App?

As a dental practice trying to attract people from all kinds of demographics, likes, and interests, having a cloud based dental app is the ultimate choice.

When you go for a native app, it requires more effort, spending, and maintenance than cloud based applications.

If you want to make the use of your app effortless and easy to use, your dental practice should have a cloud based dental app.

On top of this, even though there are two common operating systems, Android and iOS, you won’t run the risk of other operating systems not being able to use your website.

Your goal should be to accommodate everyone with the same performance and responsiveness. Cloud based dental apps are the best solution to this.

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The Verdict

To conclude, in an age of accessibility and high use of mobile devices, it’s important to have a functioning mobile application without destroying your wallet and time.

Cloud based dental apps work to benefit both the end user and the producer of the app.

You don’t have to optimize the app for any kind of operating system, and you don’t have to deal with application stores.

So you can just have your application up and running faster and easier without trying on every operating system.

You can reach your cloud based dental app through an URL or a QR code, making it even easier to use the app since you don’t have to download it.

Every dental practice looking to increase the ease of use and accessibility should have a cloud based dental app.

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