What is DMD Dentist?

When you want to see a dentist and start searching for someone in your neighborhood, you might realize different qualifications after their names.

Some dentists might have DDS, and some might have DMD. This might confuse you as to what the difference is between them.

What is DMD Dentist

One of those qualifications you see is the DMD dentist. Despite the name differences, there actually aren’t many differences between different qualifications.

It’s just a matter of name, and the education they get is all the same, just in different universities.

What is DMD Dentist?

DMD Dentist

DMD means Dentistry of Dental Medicine or Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry and is the name for the department to study to become a dentist in some universities.

However, the name doesn’t mean anything specific as you study to become a dentist, whether you study DMD or DDS dentistry.

Even American Dental Association (ADA) says that the name doesn’t matter as everyone goes through the same education.

Both DMD and DDS dentists could stay as generalist dentists or choose to study further for a specialization.

This specialization takes somewhere between two to six years. It depends on what specialization you want and the required education for that specialization.

What Does a DMD Dentist Do?

What Does a DMD Dentist Do

A DMD dentist could do everything every other dentist can do. However, there is a separation after graduation.

Either DMD or another dentist has the option to stay as a generalist or become a specialist.

If they want to be a generalist, then they diagnose, treat, and help patients with their oral health care and other needs such as root canal, filling, and so on.

If a DMD dentist chooses to specialize, then they have to choose a specialization department.

This could be oral surgery, periodontics, endodontic, orthodontic, pediatrist, prosthodontic, or some other specialization.

Once a DMD dentist specializes in the area they want, they start doing what the specialization requires them to do.

Specialization as a DMD Dentist

Specialization as a DMD Dentist

If you want to go the specialization path as a DMD dentist, you have to do the same thing as every other dentist.

As we mentioned, whether you are a DMD or a DDS dentist, your education is the same both in university and after university. You have to enroll in further studying and choose an area of specialization.

Once you enroll, you study to become a specialist in that area. The time it takes to finish that study depends on your specialization.

On average, you can expect to study for about 4 to 6 years for specialization.

The Verdict

To conclude, a DMD dentist is either Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry or a Dentistry of Dental Medicine. There are no differences between other dentists, such as DDS dentists.

The only difference is the name and what you study are all the same, according to American Dental Association (ADA).

Once you study DMD and become a DMD dentist, you can either be a generalist or study further for specialization, which requires the same effort as a DDS dentist.

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