What is DDS Dentist & What Does DDS Do?

If you want to study dentistry in college or you are looking to visit a dentist for a problem with your teeth, you might see various titles in dentists’ names.

Even though they serve the same thing, specialist or a generalist, they still have those titles.

You might choose your education path or get your reservation according to those titles, but that’s actually not necessary.

What is DDS Dentist

What is DDS Dentist?

DDS Dentist

Among your options, you will see both DDS and DMD dentist, which are the two different titles you see on the dentist names.

The thing is, they are not different at all. DDS means Doctor of Dental Surgery, and DMD is Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry or Doctor of Dental Medicine.

DDS might look like it is specialized in its education, while DMD is a generalist, but that’s not the case.

Both DDS and DMD dentists get the same education, according to American Dental Association (ADA).

ADA also states that universities choose to name their departments differently.

Still, everyone goes through the same dentist training during their time in university and graduates as a dentist.

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What Does DDS Dentist Do?

What Does DDS Dentist Do

Like any dentist, a DDS dentist could be either a generalist or specialize in one area.

A generalist DDS dentist, like any other generalist dentist, treats, manages, and diagnoses your oral healthcare needs focusing on your teeth.

These might include root canals, check-ups, fillings, and other needs that don’t need specialization.

If a DDS dentist chooses to specialize after their initial DDS dentist education, it could be any specialization they wish.

They could be orthodontists, endodontists, periodontists, prosthodontists, and other specialties they wish. They focus on these areas and treat patients with those needs.

Specialization As a DDS Dentist


If you’d like to specialize as a DDS dentist after your education, you go through the same steps as a DMD dentist or any other dentist.

Depending on the specialization, you must take extra education and training for two to four years. You receive the same training as a DMD or other dentists during your training.

Once you decide on which area to specialize in, you just enroll and start your education. Once you finish your education in your chosen specialization, you can start treating patients in that area.

Whether you study DDS dentistry or DMD, the steps you must take during the process are all the same.

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The Verdict

To conclude, a DDS dentist means Doctor of Dental Surgery but doesn’t have any difference from a DMD, which means Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry or Doctor of Dental Medicine.

Both titles get the same education, just under a different name which depends on the university. Even American Dental Association (ADA) also states that.

As a DDS dentist, you do what all dentists do, whether generalist or specialized.

On top of that, if you’d like to specialize further after your education, the steps are not different at all than a DMD dentist.

You must take further education, which takes two to six years, depending on the specialization.




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