What is Biological Dentist?

When it comes to dentistry, we have known the traditional aspect of it for however long we have existed.

In case of any pain we have, we resort to traditional dentistry and see a generalist or a specialized dentist and get our problem sorted out with either surgery or other treatment.

However, there has been a new alternative growing in recent years.

What is Biological Dentist

What is Biological Dentist?

Biological Dentist

At first, it might seem like it will never work as it does something that traditional dentistry never does.

However, some people seem to find answers to their problems by working with a biological dentist.

A biological dentist is the same as a holistic dentist. The names are interchangeable, so you might see them used together.

Biological or holistic dentist focuses on diagnosing, treating, and preventing oral diseases and maintaining oral health through natural therapies.

Instead of using surgeries, tools, and other similar things a traditional dentist does, they find treatments by assessing the patient’s physical and emotional health.

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What Does a Biological Dentist Do?

What Does a Biological Dentist Do

A biological dentist studies DDS or DMD like any other dentist and can also offer traditional dentist services.

Such as teeth cleaning, filling cavities, treatments, and so on. What biological dentists do when it comes to their specialty is different than this.

Instead of drilling or filling a cavity when they see one, a biological dentist learns about the patient’s physical and mental situation.

Such as their diet, consumption of alcohol, whether they work out and how they work out, imbalances in their hormones, and their sleep patterns.

Once they determine the cause, they use organic, natural, and materials that are biocompatible to fix the issue.

Biological Dentist vs. Traditional Dentist

Biological Dentist vs. Traditional Dentist

A biological dentist and a traditional dentist get the same type of education, either a DMD or DDS.

They both offer similar services to a certain extent, but the differences come from their main work area.

A traditional dentist might be a generalist or specialize in one area. Still, they work physically on the problem and solve it through surgeries or medicine.

A biological dentist doesn’t do any of that in their specialized biological or holistic treatment.

They focus on learning about the patient and try to find the root cause of the problem through how they live their life.

Once they find the problem, they also fix it through natural, biocompatible, non-toxic materials compared to traditional dentist’s pharmacy medicine.

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The Verdict

In conclusion, a biological dentist is a dentist that applies a very different approach than the traditional dentist.

Even though they study the same as a traditional dentist and still offer some of the same services, the biological dentist focuses on something different.

Instead of surgery and using pharmacy medicine, a biological dentist focuses on a holistic approach.

They think the root cause of any problem comes from how patients live their lives, so they inquire about their alcohol consumption, sleep patterns, diet, and so on.

Once they find the problem, they treat it without extra help or using organic materials.

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