Mobile Technology: Evolution and Impact on Dental Practices

The times when the patients were watching the television in your waiting room or reading magazines on the coffee table are gone.

Nowadays, everyone is buried in their mobile phones, using them for everything from fun to health.

It’s not surprising that this increased use of mobile phones and the development of mobile technologies have had a massive impact on the dental industry.

Many dentists fail to see the importance of mobile technology, and those who can’t adapt to it stay behind the pack.

Mobile technology has constantly been evolving and has a major impact on dental practices.

Let’s see what those impacts are and how the evolution of mobile technology affects dental practices.

Mobile Technology: Evolution and Impact on Dental Practices

How Mobile Technology Is Affecting the Dental Industry?

Mobile technology has been on the rise for many years now, surpassing even computer technologies. This is mainly because of the rise of mobile phones.

That’s why the dental industry is trying to adapt to the growing technology to not lose customers.

Digital patient records and appointment scheduling

Digital patient records and appointment scheduling

The thing that’s changing is how we are scheduling our dentist appointments and how dentists keep the records of their patients.

Now, when you want to go to a dentist, all you need to do is either use their app or website to schedule your appointment rather than make a call.

When you make it to your appointment, they don’t have to do all the unnecessary tests all over again. All your records from another dentist or from your previous visit are already accessible online.

Using mobile technology to communicate with patients

Using mobile technology to communicate with patients

If there is something wrong with your appointment or the results of your tests are back, you don’t expect a call or a mail.

You generally get a notification to your phone or an email through the use of mobile technology.

Dentists who still do it the old fashion way face the risk of losing their customers to those who keep the communication online.

Mobile apps for ease of use for patients

Mobile apps for ease of use for patients

Since the technology of mobile phones is improving every day, the use of websites on mobile devices is going down.

That’s because it’s much easier to use mobile apps to handle all your issues in one place.

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Benefits of Mobile Technology on Dental Practices

There might be all these new technologies, but you might wonder if you were able to do all these before, why should you bother to change them?

The reason is not to come up with new methods just for fun. It is to benefit from this growing technology in everyone’s daily lives. Here are some of the benefits that mobile technology brings us.

Better efficiency and productivity

Better efficiency and productivity

The first thing is that all the upgrades focus on increasing efficiency and productivity on both sides.

Dentists don’t have to manually handle the appointments or send the test results to their respective owners.

You can do it with just one click or let the automation system handle everything. This process saves dentists time and helps patients access their results much more quickly.

Better patient care and satisfaction

Better patient care and satisfaction

Because manual things are out of the way and everything happens automatically, this removes the chance for mistakes.

This means there won’t be wrong treatments or miscommunication during the treatment, increasing patient care and overall satisfaction.

This doesn’t mean that automation or evolving technology doesn’t make any mistakes.

There are going to be mistakes, but the automation and use of technology lower the chances of these mistakes by a big margin, helping both dentists and patients.

Increased accessibility for patients

Increased accessibility for patients

If you can’t talk on the phone or you need an immediate dental appointment as soon as possible, you can directly handle your issue online without having to talk to anyone at any time of the day.

This increases the accessibility to your dental appointments and gives better convenience for the patients.

For example, if you have a problem with your teeth at night and you need to see your doctor right away tomorrow, you won’t have to wait until tomorrow to get an appointment.

You can use the online appointment system to book your appointment directly for tomorrow to handle your issue.

Greater mobility and flexibility for dentists

Greater mobility and flexibility for dentists

Since now dentists don’t have to deal with all the manual things like checking out everything one by one, sending out letters, or similar things, it gives them more time.

That way, they can have more patients or have flexible working hours. This the dentists a better life balance.

Should You Adapt to the Evolving Mobile Technology in Your Dental Practice?

Ignoring the increase in mobile phone usage and overlooking the current mobile technology trends could be disastrous for your dental practice.

If you don’t adapt to the mobile technology of today in your dental practice, you will likely stay behind your competition.

This will decrease the number of patients you are getting in your practice. Additionally, it will also hurt your visibility. That’s why you must immediately adapt to the evolving mobile technology.

Try to see the current trends in your area and understand how customers interact with their dental practice or how your customers want to interact with you.

You can also look at what your competitors are doing. Take a look at their website and how they handle appointments and patients’ data.

Try to implement the best practices and develop them according to your dental practice and your customers’ needs.

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The Verdict

Mobile technology is always evolving, and it is now going through its peak, especially in this last decade. Everyone who can successfully adapt to this evolving mobile technology will likely survive.

Dental practices are also part of this as they also need to adapt to all the new technologies.

It helps dental practices and patients to increase efficiency and productivity, has better satisfaction and patient care, and helps dentists to have more flexibility.

Additionally, it helps dental practices be seen on the internet to get more clients. If you have a dental practice, adapting to the evolving mobile technology is extremely important to not stay behind.

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