How to Grow a Dental practice?

Dental practices have been in our lives for a very long time. It was in a different shape than it was today in the past, but they were still there. That is because dental practices play a big role in everyday life.

If you want to look nice, you need good dental health. On top of that, for any kind of problem you might have with your teeth, you need a dentist to handle that issue. That is why you have a major customer base if you own a dental practice.

How to Grow A Dental Practice?

However, not knowing how to reach that customer base might cost you your business. You must know how to grow a dental practice.

Doing this is way easier with the technology we have. It is easier to spread the word about your practice.

There are several things you need to do if you want to grow your dental business.

Depending on your location, some stuff might change, but technology will play a major role in growing your dental practice. Let’s take a look at how you can grow your dental practice.

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How to Grow a Dental practice?

Here are some effective ways to help you grow your Dental Practice.

Research Your Audience in Depth

Research Your Audience

The very first thing of a business is to know your target audience well. You need to know who you are servicing and how you can reach out to them.

Once you know the details of what they like and what attracts them, it becomes easier.

However, doing this research is tricky. You need to invest a certain amount to get good results.

You also need to know what to do and how to make this research. If you go by the wrong place and method, you might end up wasting a lot of time.

The most effective method is perhaps talking to your audience. Having a chat with your existing customers, and attending events, could be a good way. You need to get a deep understanding of their personalities.

You can also use other methods like digital ones. Posting a poll, interacting with your followers on your social channels, or something similar.

Additionally, you can see what kind of people are following you on your social accounts. This information could help to get more people on board.

Use SEO with Frequent Blog Posts

Use SEO with Frequent Blog Posts

Nowadays, whatever kind of business you are doing, SEO is crucial. Even though there are many ways to implement SEO, the best way is through frequent blog posts.

You can greatly increase your audience by writing on different topics and implementing SEO.

Because dental practices have many things to talk about, this gets even more interesting. However, because you are a physical business requiring people to be present physically, it might be tricky.

Instead of using traditional SEO, you must use local SEO for the best results.

Local SEO focuses on keywords and search results for people around your area. This means you need to alter your keyword research in your area.

In local SEO also, adding your region’s or city’s name at the end of the keywords might give you better results.

Your content on your blog should ideally be more attractive to people in your region and not to the general audience.

Encourage Your Clients to Leave Reviews

Encourage Your Clients to Leave Reviews

As an individual choosing a practice to go to, probably one of the first things you look at is the reviews. You might give a good impression on your website and pictures.

If you can’t follow that up with a good service that is visible in your reviews, you’ll lose leads.

When you have a happy customer, encouraging them to leave reviews is crucial. Their review might lure other people to your practice. However, encouraging them to do so might be hard.

The best way to encourage this is by offering some specialties. It depends on your location, but it has to be something specific.

It could be as easy as offering a discount the next time they visit your dental practice if they leave a review.

It could also be as complicated as providing them with some sort of support regarding their dental hygiene or something else.

You can try various things or offer several things at the same time, asking them to choose one. Any encouragement is a good way to start.

Get a Strong Web Presence

Get a Strong Web Presence

It is no surprise that we are living in a digital age now. Everything is online; you also check online for any business you want to visit. Especially for delicate businesses like dental businesses, this becomes more crucial.

If no one can find information about how well you do your job, your prices, or anything else, they’ll look elsewhere.

That is why you need to have an extremely strong web presence. This includes a professionally designed website and active social accounts.

Both of these things are hard to create and maintain. Especially your website has to have a professional design and good navigation.

Your reviews must be there, as all your information and other crucial things of a dental practice.

By being active on social media, you also let people see your day-to-day activities. Your customers can also comment about their experience.

That is why it is always important to give good service. You can also work with local papers to highlight you.

Offer a Wide Variety of Services

Offer Wide Variety of Services

Some businesses, like dental businesses, can offer a variety of services. It is not as limited as other businesses.

The more service you offer, your potential customer base will increase. That’s why you shouldn’t offer the basic services only.

Offering complicated surgeries, check-ups, or other kinds of services could highly increase your chances of growing your business.

Even though the customer base might be lower compared to other services, you’ll have the chance to cross-sell.

This might seem weird in the dental practice, but offering check-ups, controls, hygiene services, or something similar could go a long way.

Any kind of service you offer could equal some sort of growth for your dental practice. Hiring a professional could help with this.

As a dentist, you might be unable to run to any kind of dental service. Your expertise might be in a certain area rather than being a generalist.

Whatever the situation, hiring a professional dentist like you to handle some of those services could help with extending your services.

Consider Helping Your Clients with Financing

Helping Your Clients with Financing

According to the clients, one of the biggest problems of dentist businesses is money. It costs a lot of money even to just go for a check-up.

When there is a problem with their teeth, people generally choose to go to the most cost-effective option.

While trying to be cost-effective, they are also trying not to lose quality because teeth are important.

That is why making your quality service accessible to everyone is important. You might not be able to lower your prices or offer discounts. Some examples:

However, you can offer to finance. Offering financing could lure more people in at different levels and rates, fuelling your growth.

The best way to find which financing is the best is to offer several financing levels. Some examples:

  • Zero interest rate, 3 months installments
  • Small interest, longer installment period
  • Certain discounts, shorter installment period

Letting people choose how they want to finance gives them flexibility. This flexibility will help them pay their debt back to you even more.

But this is a tricky move for you as a business owner because you need to follow your debtors closely.

Think About Offering a Referral Program

Referral Program

Your reviews might be doing a good job of letting people know about your service.

It is also true that reviews are some sort of referrals if they are good reviews. They definitely help, but there is a better way to get more clients.

If one of your happy customers goes to their friend and refers you when they have a dental problem, they probably won’t even check other options.

Getting a referral from a close friend is always better than anything. But getting this referral is the hardest part.

Even if someone is happy with your service, they might still forget to tell their friends when they have a need. If you offer incentives as part of a referral program, you might be able to change that.

Just like you encouraged people to leave reviews, you can do something similar. For example:

  • 10% discount on your next time for one referral
  • Free dental hygiene package with one or two referrals
  • 50% discount on your next time for more than three referrals

You can populate these options even more, depending on your clients’ preferred rate.

It doesn’t have to be discounted. There could be a variety of options. Free packages, tickets to a movie, or something similar.

Create a Swift Online Booking System

Online Booking System

One of the biggest pain points of dental businesses is the hardship of getting a booking.

Most dental businesses are too busy, and it is hard to find a suitable time. This gets harder when both parties are also extremely busy.

You have to make this process easier and faster for your customer. It also must be easy for you to track.

Luckily, this is not so hard to do because there is a very easy and swift way you can do this for your dental practice.

The best method is to use a booking page with an automated system. The system will automatically fetch your appointments and create a calendar for your customer.

This calendar will show your customer your available hours in your working hours.

They will choose whichever date and time are the best for them. You will also get it on your calendar and be able to track your appointment.

The most important thing is to automate the process. If your customer has to call you, it will take a lot of time and effort for both sides.

That’s why try to implement a system with automated tools. Ideally, a system where the customer doesn’t have to talk to anyone when they are making their booking.

Take Part in Your Community

Take Part in Your Community

Not every business and sector has its own community. But if your sector has one, this is a major plus.

The dental sector has a big community, not only with dentists but also with customers. Most people are interested in technological developments and many more in the dental industry.

Showing your face at these local community events is important. Make sure to participate in any kind of local community event that is even slightly related to dental practice. You can meet with potential customers and also your colleagues.

Meeting your colleagues is also an amazing way to partner with other dentists. This gives you some cooperation opportunities with them.

This means that they will send you their customers whenever they have too many customers to handle.

Getting customers from your partners could be a great way to get your name out there for your clients.

In the end, they might come to you rather than your partner next time. But don’t explicitly put any effort into this. Just give good service.

Use Google My Business

Google My Business

Local businesses are fragile businesses because their efforts are much more limited than general businesses.

You have to let your local audience know that you are there, and they can find you. A good website and an active social account are good but might not be enough.

Google My Business allows local businesses to register themselves on Google services. You can create a profile and optimize it according to your customer base and business.

When you sign up for a Google My Business account, your business automatically goes on Google services.

This includes the most important part, Google Maps, and Google Search. You start to come out on Google Maps.

This allows locals to come across your name when they are looking for a local dentist. One of the best ways is to be on Google Maps to grow your business.

You should also optimize your Google My Business profile with SEO guidelines.

If you do it right, you’ll come out on top in the search results. You will attract more people to your business via your Business profile.

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The Verdict

As conclusion, growing a business is a lot of work and growing a dental business is no different.

However, with dental businesses, there are extra steps that you might need to take. Considering that you are a local business, you need to know your customer base better.

A good research, web presence, and solid reviews could be a good starting point.

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