How to Get a Good Dental Practice Insurance?

Insurance plays a big part in our life because it is in everything we own. They are a good way to protect the things you own in case of an unexpected problem.

Even most stuff, like houses, has to be insured by law in many countries, so it’s not even up to you in some cases.

If you are a dental business owner, having insurance is also vital, just like any other business.

For dental businesses, it is a bit more important because the tools you use are extremely expensive, and you need protection.

However, not every insurance is the same. Some might have policies that might not cover important things. Others might be too expensive for your business.

When choosing good dental business insurance, there are many things to be aware of.

That’s why spending time on it and ensuring that you get good business insurance is worth it. But you have to know what to look for in business insurance.

Let’s see how you can get good dental business insurance and what the things you need to look at are.

How to get Good Dental Practice Insurance?

Determine What Do You Need For Business Insurance For Your Business

When you are working in a dental business, you are required by law to have a certain set of insurance.

This means that you have no option to choose whether you want to have these insurances or not. However, you can always go for extra protection and get more insurance.

The two most important insurances that you must get are general liability and malpractice. Every dental business has to have them.

But there is no minimum or maximum limit on the insurance. You can get the smallest package or the biggest, it depends on you.

In addition, you can always get extra coverage, which depends on the type of dental business you are running.

If it is just you and you are running it on your own, you generally don’t need a lot of insurance coverage, and the basic two is enough.

But if you have several employees and you are a big dental business, you are likely better off getting some additional insurance. One to cover your employees, and one to cover your equipment, and so on.

The size of the business

The size of the business

Perhaps the most important thing in determining getting good dental business insurance is the size of your dental business.

Both in terms of the building and the employee size. The bigger these get, the higher cost of your insurance will have. It will also be harder to find good insurance.

If you talk to an insurance provider, they will be able to give you a better outlook on which insurance might suit you the best, depending on the size of your dental business. Because you might need bigger insurance coverage.

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Find the Optimal Cost of Dental Business Insurance for You

Cost of Dental Business Insurance

Even when you are getting insurance types that you have to, you still have to pay annual premiums.

The costs of insurance, especially general liability and malpractice are not high. However, prices will differ depending on the coverage you take or the policy.

Generally, finding the optimal cost is not really up to you. There are certain price tags for insurance, and most brokerages give out similar quotes.

But it is always good to get quotes from different brokerages to compare. For general liability insurance, you can find prices starting from $500 per year.

These generally come as a bundle with property insurance. This price is for small dental businesses.

The bigger your business, the bigger the premium will be. For malpractice insurance, it varies a lot by your specialty and your state.

You can normally find a malpractice premium starting from $1,000 annually. The riskier the surgery or the procedure is, the higher the premium.

This means that if you are performing high-risk surgeries because of your specialty, you might need to pay a higher premium.

Know Which Aspects are Important

In insurance, especially business insurance, a variety of things are involved.

From the annual premium, you have to pay to how much your insurance will cover. Not all of these are important for every type of insurance.

For example, premiums and insurance coverage are the two most important things for general liability. However, for malpractice insurance, even though they are still important, there are other things to look for.

That’s why you always try to understand the most important aspects of your business and your business insurance.

If you know the details of the things you need, you won’t have to pay extra for unnecessary things.

Yet, perhaps in every type of insurance, the most important thing is probably the coverage.

Every brokerage’s basic insurance package generally has very low insurance coverage. This means that in case of a problem, the insurance might not cover all your damages.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

One of the most frequently overlooked things in insurance is coverage. Coverages of the most basic packages are generally not enough.

You end up paying yourself for the extra bit that the coverage doesn’t cover. One of the big parts of getting good dental business insurance is finding the right coverage.

The good part about getting higher insurance coverage is that it doesn’t cost much. Some might think that increasing that coverage costs a lot of money.

However, that is not true. You can get higher coverage by adding a few bucks to your monthly or annual premium. The higher coverage you have, the safer you are.

Always inquire about the coverage of the insurance. If you have the option, always choose to have higher insurance coverage.

Paying that extra premium might save you from paying thousands of dollars in the future. This important aspect makes insurance a good one, especially for businesses.

Determine What Kind of Insurance You Need

As we mentioned above, dental business insurances have different types like every other insurance.

You don’t have to get some of them, but you do have to get a couple of them by law. However, regardless of the law, getting the coverage that you need the most is a clever idea.

But you must be careful about the extra insurance you are getting. You wouldn’t want to pay for something unnecessary or something you don’t need. We examined the most frequent insurance types here.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

General liability is the most common insurance for every dentist’s business. You are also required by law to have this insurance.

There is no minimum limit on insurance coverage, but you have to have it. But ideally, you should get one with high coverage.

General liability insurance covers the damages to your property and the bodily injuries you might cause.

This means that general liability insurance will cover any kind of damages your customer will get on your premises.

It doesn’t have to be during an operation. Anything that happens within your premise is liable to general liability insurance.

Slipping on the parking lot or something similar will be under the general liability insurance package.

Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice insurance is one of the most important insurance coverage for every dental business. This insurance covers any kind of issues arising from the services you provide to your customers.

This type of insurance will hire a legal team to defend you and your business.

Improperly done procedures, wrong medications, and suggestions that led to a bad outcome for patients are all considered under malpractice insurance. This insurance is actually to protect you legally.

That is why it is a must-have for any kind of dental business insurance. Mistakes happen, and you have to be ready to defend yourself to make it as cost-effective as possible.

In addition to this, sometimes those mistakes might not be your mistakes, but you might be put under the radar.

Because malpractice is huge damage to your professional reputation, these insurances have special clauses. These clauses allow you to reject a settlement. Look for coverages like this.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

It is no secret that anything within a dental business is not cheap. From X-rays to dental equipment like chairs cost a lot of money.

They could also go bad and might need replacement. A fire might break out in the building or anything similar that could destroy your equipment.

This is a massive investment that you might not be able to cover again. Commercial property insurances cover your entire building with the content inside.

It is not a must to have this insurance type in some states, but it is recommended.

Perils like tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, and so on could also happen. If you don’t have protection against damages these might cause, you will be in big problem financially. In this insurance, coverage plays an extra important role.

If your coverage is not high enough to cover everything, you might still be in a problem. That’s why you must get commercial property insurance with high insurance coverage.

At least something that will be able to cover the majority of the costs in case of a problem.

Cyberattack Liability

Cyberattack Liability

Cyberattack liability insurance is rather new. Since we are living in a digital age and cyberattacks are becoming more frequent, a new type of insurance has popped up.

As a business in the healthcare industry, privacy is even more important.

Because you have a lot of information about people in your database, you have a higher risk of being a cyberattack victim. In case of a cyberattack, you will be in a big problem with breaches.

Including the fees and the incurring costs, you might also lose a lot of money along with your reputation.

Cyberattack liability insurance covers HIPAA fines and other costs, such as credit monitoring, and lets your customers know about the issue.

In a nutshell, it takes everything in its hand and even takes part in the forensic investigation to see the level of the breach.

Workers’ Compensation if You Have Employees

Workers' Compensation

As a dental business, you might have employees working for you to provide the best services and service more clients.

Either as a dentist or in other parts of your dental business. Having employees in your dental business means that you need additional insurance.

Most states require you to get this insurance by law, so you have no chance. Workers’ compensation insurance package covers some sort of benefits for your employees.

This benefit generally includes paying for the medical fees for injuries incurred on the job.

Additionally, there could be more benefits like covering for lost wages or death benefits in case there is a fatality while working on the job.

Depending on which kind of workers’ compensation you choose, there could be fewer or more benefits.

However, the most common ones are the medical and death benefit to protect the employer from any kind of injuries that happen on the job.

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Where to Get the Ideal Dental Business Insurance

Where to Get the Ideal Dental Business Insurance

As the last part of getting good dental business insurance, you need to know where to get it. There are many insurance brokers out there that you can choose from.

This abundance of insurance brokers might seem like a good thing, but it might also not be good.

Because insurance is such a delicate issue, you have to be careful. After all, you are giving your business and its values to them financially.

There are several ways to determine where to get the ideal dental business insurance.

The first one is to use the internet to see the past and current customers of these insurance brokers.

Those with good reviews might advance to the next round to find the ideal place. The second one is affordability. Premiums vary a lot from broker to broker.

Get a quote from every single one of them and read their policies carefully. Make sure there aren’t massive differences in between.

Once you find the cost-effective option, the rest is up to you. You need to see if they offer every insurance you want or not. And then, you can go into further discussions and sign the agreement.

The Verdict

To conclude, getting a good dental business insurance requires a lot of effort. You need to spend a good amount researching your options and your needs.

Then you need to understand which type of insurance fits those needs well. After that, you need to talk to various insurance providers to find the best option.

Take your time and try to find the best option possible for the best result.


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