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SEO is the most important thing for every business that has an online presence and looking to increase its visibility and visit or sales.

Things get denser when it comes to dental practices because there is a limited amount of space on the search results, and the competition is fierce. All the dental offices in a given area are fighting to take the space.

Google has changed quite a lot in the last few years, and now business listings and 4 paid ad spots on top of the results take up the space.

You need to scroll down a little to see the organic results. Even though SEO is technically free and doesn’t require any money to rank yourself, in practice, things are not like this, you need to spend some money.

Let’s see how much dental SEO really costs and what the factors are.

How much does Dental SEO Cost?

Your Competition

The first thing to look at when you are determining the cost of your dental SEO is your competition.

You must take a look at their strategy, how effective they are doing their SEO, and other things, such as how long they’ve been open.

They might have a word-of-mouth advantage over you, which might mean that you have to spend even more on your SEO efforts to catch up.

Take a look at your competitor’s website, see their domain authority, and how big their reach is on their website. Compare all that with your own domain and see the difference.

The bigger the difference, the more money you would need to spend to catch up to their current situation.

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Factors That Contribute to the Cost of SEO

It’s time to consider your own website and how you can improve from where you stand. You need to see how good your website is.

Is your only traffic method organic traffic, or do you have something else you need to do? All these questions could contribute to the SEO costs. 

Quality Domain

Quality Domain

The domain of your dental website must ideally be exactly the same as your dental practice’s name.

This helps the people searching for you on the internet to find you easier and helps you to rank higher.

However, this is not always possible for everyone because your domain name might already be taken by someone else.

In this case, you have two options: either register a slightly different name at a cheaper price or buy the domain that’s taken.

If you go the second route, you might end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on the domain name.

Structuring The Website

Structuring The Website

Dental practices generally offer several services to their clients on their practice. To have the highest visibility, you must have separate landing pages for each of the services you offer.

These landing pages could have unique text, content, video or pictures that might require extra effort to create.

While doing that, you should also have SEO-optimized titles, meta tags, and headings to clarify the landing page’s purpose.

If you haven’t done anything to your website, it might be easier to set these up, but if you already have a functioning website, you might need to do a complete restructuring.

Making sure of the mobile responsiveness

Making sure of the mobile responsiveness

Mobile devices are slowly taking over the use of computers over the past years.

This is also shifting the focus from only desktop-responsive websites to mobile-responsive websites in addition to desktop responsiveness.

Google is also going that route, and they decided to give more preference to mobile responsive websites in the search results.

If your website is not mobile responsive, you need to switch it up and make it mobile responsive for optimal SEO success.

Getting professional help is your best bet in making sure your website is responsive enough.

Having quality content

Having quality content

Content is a vast topic that requires a massive amount of preparation with many things to cover.

However, content is also the bedrock of a successful SEO strategy that you can’t miss out on. Create engaging, quality and unique content for your dental website.

The content could be anything from blog posts, images, and videos to infographics, testimonials, and animation.

Google’s algorithm favors the website with relevant and unique content over others. Creating and sharing this content could take time and money, but it is a must for the success of your dental SEO.

Mentions of your website

Mentions of your website

Your domain authority is one of the leading powers that tells Google to trust you and rank you higher. Google gives preference to websites that are trustable and provides helpful information.

It determines all this through other websites talking about you in mentions or in citations.

When other websites link your website to their content as a source they trust, this tells Google that your content is quality.

In return, Google rewards these mentions by ranking you higher over others. If your dental practice has several locations, each of these locations requires different mentions or citations on other websites.

Register yourself on places like Yelp and Foursquare to get reviews and increase your mentions.

You can also take a look at the competitors’ websites and see which websites they are mentioning. It could give you ideas where you can get citations and involve yourself more in these websites.

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The Verdict

Search engine optimization is technically free, and you don’t need to spend anything to rank yourself on the search results.

However, this is not the case in practice, as the competition is there, and you need to fight that and take the reins.

Fighting that and taking the reins doesn’t come cheap, and SEO stops becoming free right at this point.

You need to restructure your website, list yourself on local directories, build your network and links, and get positive reviews.

All in all, you need to put yourself out there and spend money to win over years of word of mouth of your competition and domain authority.

Depending on the situation and the efforts you are taking, SEO could end up costing you anywhere from just hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.

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