Google My Business Adds COVID Delta Variant Precautions

Everything in the world suddenly changed since the COVID pandemic started taking over the world at the beginning of 2020.

At first, there wasn’t much information about the virus itself and what to do, so everywhere closed, including dentists, except for emergency care. The more the situation stabilized, the more everywhere opened in time.

Especially after vaccines became available in our lives, it was easier to open clinics and other places for the public.

However, with new variants and the effects of vaccinations wearing off slowly, we still have to be slightly careful in our daily lives.

Businesses, including dental clinics, started implementing COVID and COVID delta variant precautions, and Google My Business adapted to this change.

Now, every business can list its precautions on its Google My Business page.

Google my business adds covid precautions

Your COVID Protocols and Profiles

Your COVID Protocols and Profiles

You might already talk about the protocols you have in place on your social media accounts and website, but that might not be enough.

Using Google My Business and other similar platforms to market your protocols makes it easier for everyone.

Since you should already be using Google My Business, Yelp and Bing Places, you must change your protocols there.

Updating your COVID protocols on your profiles is easy with just a few clicks on your business profiles.

These built-in features will help you spread the word and constantly update your protocols to help your patients.

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Constantly Changing COVID Precautions

As the situation is not stable and there are new things coming up every day about COVID and how to be safe from it, the precautions might also change.

When you set up your safety measurements on your business profiles, you can also go back and change them however you wish.

In addition, you can just post a post about the new safety measurements. This helps you to adapt to the situation as fast as possible and inform your patients.

Updating Your COVID Precautions on Google My Business

Updating Your COVID Precautions on Google My Business

Google My Business is the most frequently used platform for patients. Because both the new and existing patients that find you on Google will find themselves on your Google My Business Profile.

That’s why it should be the first place you must update about your COVID protocols.

There are two ways to go around updating your COVID precautions on your Google My Business profile. The first one is to share a post about your protocols by using “COVID-19 options” while posting.

The second one is to update your business profile on Google My Business, which is more trivial than posting a post about it.

Just go to the “Health and Safety” option on your settings and choose one of these options:

  • Mask requirement
  • Temperature check requirement
  • Whether staff wears masks or not
  • Whether staff gets frequent temperature checks or not

Updating Your COVID Precautions on Bing Places

Bing Places works a little bit differently with COVID precaution updates than Google My Business.

After logging in to your Bing Places account, you will directly see a notice about COVID announcements right in front of you. This is the place to fill in your COVID precautions on your business.

You first need to pick a start and finish date for your COVID announcements, but you don’t have to pick a finish date if you don’t have one.

Then, you will link the COVID precautions here instead of picking certain rules as you do on Google My Business.

We recommend putting the link to your COVID protocol page rather than your home page.

Additionally, you can also choose your updated working hours if you are open, and if you are not, you can choose temporarily closed.

Updating Your COVID Precautions on Yelp

Updating Your COVID Precautions on Yelp

Similar to Bing Places, you should first indicate whether you are open for patients or not and then you should update your working hours accordingly.

Once you do this, you have several options to update your precautions on your Yelp Business profile.

You have the option to add virtual consultations if you are offering them, and then you can select the precaution options Yelp provides you with:

  • Vaccination requirement
  • Staff’s vaccination situation
  • Mask requirement
  • Staff’s mask requirement

In addition to checking the boxes and adding the option of virtual assistants, you can also post a message on your Yelp profile.

You can do this by either putting up a banner on your profile or just simply posting a post.

If you think Yelp’s options are insufficient to cover all your precautions, it’s a good place to start with these two to inform your patients.

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How Does This Help Your Business and Why Should You Do It?

The more the COVID vaccines lose their effect in time, and new variants such as the Delta variant comes up, everyone will be hesitant to visit dental practices.

As a business owner, it is your job to make sure that everyone Is as safe as they can be when visiting your clinic. The best way to do this is by putting in certain rules for people to follow.

However, if these rules and protocols are not everywhere in your business profiles, your patients might not be aware of them.

By putting your protocols on your business profiles on different platforms, you let your patients know what to expect.

This makes everything smoother and helps your patients with their doubts about the COVID spread while they are in your clinic.

The Verdict

The more COVID gets involved in our lives, the more fear there will be from the customers and businesses to make sure everyone is safe.

However, as the situation of the virus constantly changes, the precautions might also change depending on these changes, which might be hard to keep track of.

To make this easier, providers of business profiles such as Google My Business add safety measurement options for your business.

This allows you to share the latest precautions you have for the safety of your patients and ensure them that they will be safe.

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