Domain Renewal Notices For Dental Websites

Every dental practice now owns a website with the increase in the use of technology. Most of your information as a dental practice is out there in the open for everyone to see.

Digital technologies bring in quite a lot of security breaches, and dental practices are also a victim of this.

As a dental practice website owner, you have a domain that you need to renew from time to time.

One of the security breaches is that you may get domain renewal notices that are actually not true and are just a scam.

These scams have been increasing, and you need to learn about them and how you can protect yourself.

Domain Renewal Notices

What Are Domain Renewal Notice Scams?

What Are Domain Renewal Notice Scams

When you own a dental practice website, you also need to buy a domain that you need to renew in set periods of time. This could be annual, every two years, or in different intervals.

When you need to renew your domain, you get a bill from your domain provider to renew the domain.

However, some scammers use this to get you to click on the wrong link to steal your bank card information. Their aim could also be to transfer the domain to them.

When you fall victim to these scams, you not only lose ownership of your domain, but you also get your bank card information stolen, which might mean you lose all your money.

Losing ownership of your domain also has some major consequences. The scammers can get all your information from the domain’s public information to make the scam as real as possible.

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How Do Domain Renewal Notice Scams Work?

How Do Domain Renewal Notice Scams Work

You get a notice in your email and probably a fake bill saying you need to renew your domain.

Taking a look at the bill, the information they provided, and other details, you see that almost everything is there and it’s correct.

You proceed to make the payment, not knowing who you are actually making the payment to.

These notices might come into your mail in two different ways. One is by using a domain that is extremely similar to yours to trick you.

The other is by using your exact domain and by copying your domain owner. Both methods generally try to get you to pay the renewal money and enter your bank card information.

A notice similar to your domain

In this type of renewal notice scam, you get a mail with a domain that is almost identical to your domain.

This hopes that you won’t notice the difference and you will go ahead and pay the renewal. There might be various tricks to make your domain look like it’s the real one.

A notice with the exact same address as your domain

This scam is very common, and it’s harder to distinguish than the other one. The mail or letter you get with this scam includes the exact same domain.

It looks like the authorized company you used to buy the domain sent the mail. It could be extremely dangerous as this is very easy to be a victim to.

How Can You Avoid These Scams?

How Can You Avoid These Scams

Whatever you do, whatever kind of safety measure you take, you might be on the receiving end of these scams.

That’s why you have to be extremely careful and know how to avoid them when you get one, as you might never know what is real and what is fake. There are several methods to avoid being a victim.

Check with your provider

Whenever you get a domain renewal notice, even if you know it’s legit, still call your domain provider. Ask them if they sent the bill and see if it’s real.

Because in normal scenarios, providers just use the registered payment method to take the payment from you instead of sending a letter.

Only use your domain provider’s website to pay for the renewal

Even after talking to your provider and confirming that they sent the bill, you can still pay at their website to make sure.

Most domain providers give you this option to renew your domain. This is the safest option that you can do to avoid scams.

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Tips and Ideas to Protect Yourself

  • Always spend the time to make the research before taking any actions. See how your domain provider works when it comes to renewals.
  • Don’t be afraid to contact your domain provider to ask about the situation. Your domain provider will do everything they can to help you feel safe and make sure that you are not a victim of any scam.
  • Try to confirm the authenticity of the bill you received from your domain provider by talking to them and sending them the bill.
  • Never click on a link you receive in a domain renewal email. Type the domain provider or your domain by yourself to access the website.

The Verdict

Falling victim to any kind of scam is possible in a world of technology. As a dental practice website owner, you should also be careful as you might be facing these scams anytime.

One of the common scams is domain renewal notice scams that try to steal your bank card information.

They send you an email saying that your domain renewal is due and you should make the renewal payment through the link they provide in the email.

You should always contact your domain provider to check the authenticity of the email or just pay it through the website to not fall victim to these scams.


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