Why Is Dental Website Accessibility Important?

As a dental practice, you now have to have a functioning website to get patients and stay updated with industry standards.

One of the most important things about your dental website is that it shouldn’t be outdated.

Using modern technologies is important in making sure that everyone can access your website without any problem.

This accessibility is not just for people who use their mobile devices rather than their computers but also for those with special needs.

By making sure that everyone can use your website, no matter which platform they use or if they have special needs or not, you increase your outreach.

However, accessibility might not be easy as there are many things to consider.

Why Is Dental Website Important?

How Accessibility Works on a Dental Website?

How Accessibility Works on a Dental Website

When we are talking about accessibility, there are some aspects to it. One is to comply with HIPAA laws.

You need to make sure your website is HIPAA compliant while you are making your website accessible.

This includes making it accessible for special needs people. This comes together with making your website accessible to devices other than computers.

People with special needs, such as those with difficulty reading online information and using different devices to access their needs, are all part of your accessibility.

If you are working with a web development company, you need to make sure that they are aware of all this.

Making sure your web development company can handle the accessibility features

There could be certain elements on your website that links to another source, reviews, or your social media links.

You have to make sure that these are also accessible for everyone, and these might not fall under the review of the web developer or web development company you are working with.

That’s why you always need to talk to your web developer or development company about these issues and make sure that they consider all parts.

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Why Do You Need to Make Sure Your Dental Website is Accessible?

Why Do You Need to Make Sure Your Dental Website is Accessible

There are several reasons why you must make sure that your dental website is accessible to everyone.

These mostly focus on not falling behind your competition because your competition might get more patients since they are accessible on another platform or for a specific demographic, like people with special needs.

  • People with special needs: Every person with special needs also needs dental treatment, just like everybody else. If you don’t make your dental practice’s website accessible to these people, you might lose behind the competition. Ensure that everything on your website is okay for everybody to read and understand or provide extra services for those who can’t.
  • Getting traction from every platform: The use of mobile devices, tablets, and other devices is increasing fast. That’s why being able to access your website from any platform easily and quickly is an important issue. At least half of internet users use other means than a traditional computer. Missing out on these people might mean a lot of lost potential.
  • Fast and responsive website: Using the latest technologies ensures that your website is fast and responsive, whatever platform you use. If your website is slow and not responding well when you change platforms, your visitors will leave your website and go to a competitor. By making sure that you use modern technologies and that the website is fast, you can win over your competitors easier.

Accessibility Guidelines

With accessibility, there are also guidelines that you can follow suit to make sure that you are doing the right thing.

The guideline that’s closest to an accepted standard of accessibility is generally the WCAG 2.0 Level AA guidelines.

These guidelines, including this one, are just guidelines and have no laws or legal standards.

Following these guidelines might help you to achieve the best standard of accessibility on your website.

However, we do recommend you talk with a local attorney, preferably one that specializes in accessibility, to get the most specific guidelines for your practice.

There are four principles in the WCAG guidelines which can help you greatly.



The first principle is how perceivable your website is. Visually impaired must be able to perceive your website via sound or touch.

Hearing-impaired people should be able to see the information on your website via seeing.

Low-vision users, color-blind people, and all other people with special needs must be able to perceive your website.



The second one is the operability of your website. Anything that you can do with your mouse, you should also be able to do with the keyboard and vice versa.

The website should be easy to scroll through, skip content, and make it easy to read through landmarks, bookmarks, link texts, and headings.

In essence, a visitor should be able to have several paths to go around the website structure and easily operate.



The third one is how clear your website is for the visitors to understand your website.

This means no pop-up windows, easy-to-find labels, and all the navigations must be easy to spot and understandable for special needs people and similar things.

It has to be extremely clear and easy to understand throughout the website for every part.



The last but one of the most important one is your website’s robustness. This one is about the assistive technologies you use.

This means that every person with special needs should be able to use your website with the help of assistive technologies.

The more modern and technologically capable assistive technology you use, the more robust your website will be.

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The Verdict

To conclude, dental website accessibility is an extremely important part of putting your practice in front and winning over your competition.

Accessibility goes two ways, one is the accessibility for special needs people, and the other is the accessibility for different devices.

Whichever device one uses must be able to easily use your website without any problems.

In addition, your website must help people with special needs, like those who are visually impaired, color blind, and others.

You have to use the most modern technologies to make your website operatable, make it clean so that it’s understandable, and lastly, make it perceivable for the best accessibility.

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