COVID-19 and Dental Practices

Covid 19 brought many changes to our day-to-day lives and how businesses work, which was a major paradigm shift.

Because there are high risks with COVID-19, health-related businesses such as dental practices need to take more extreme measures than other businesses.

There are several things that every dental practice needs to take into account with their COVID-19 policies and how it affects their dental practices.

COVID-19 and Dental Practices

If you fail to communicate openly with your patients about the changes in your dental practice, you might lose some clients as they will not be able to get the treatment they wish.

You need to make all the changes openly and always keep everything updated about your dental practice. Let’s see what you should be careful about.

Posting Notices of Changes

Posting Notices of Changes

In these unprecedented times where everything can change overnight, your dental practice should be able to openly communicate these changes to their patients.

Using just one platform or putting the changes on your practice’s window is not necessarily a good idea, as people might not be aware of them. Use all the platforms available to your to post notices of changes.

Also, let the patients visiting your practice know where you will post these changes.

That way, they will know where to follow the changes and plan their visits accordingly. The best way to do it is through social media and Google My Business.

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Using Social Media Effectively

Using Social Media Effectively

You might post your changes on your social media profiles, but just posting them as a post might not be enough.

Social media platforms have various places to post things and also settings to let patients know about your business.

Use all the available means on social media platforms to post the changes, such as on stories, in your status, bio, or anywhere else.

Additionally, set specific settings such as auto-replies to messages talking about the changes you have made.

Change your business hours on your social media profiles and maybe even use paid ads for a limited time to let your followers know about these changes.

Should you change your social media efforts?

Since you need to use social media as effectively as you can, you might wonder whether you need to change how you use your social media.

This is an important topic because if you go like nothing has happened and post only one update about the changes, this might go unnoticed.

Your goal should be to make these changes as open and as visible as you can. That’s why we recommend you change up your social media efforts a little bit.

This includes posting information about COVID, putting more pressure on your regulations and guidelines and frequently posting about what you are doing in your clinic.

You can also pin those changes at the top of your profile to make sure everyone sees them.

Google My Business Profile

Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is one of the most effective local SEO platforms and lets your patients know about your business’s changing rules, business hours, and anything else.

With the latest update to Google My Business, you can even post updates like other social media platforms such as Facebook.

You now have the ability to share these changes as posts in Google My Business.

This helps your local SEO efforts and makes any change in your business more visible by showing your post in the search results.

In addition to posting these updates on your Google My Business profile feed, you should also try to add them to your Google My Business profile.

Google is now implementing new features for businesses like dental practices in addition to the already existing features that you can use to inform your patients.

You were already able to update your working hours, information, pictures, and other basic things.

Now, with the latest COVID updates, you can add special COVID rules, regulations, and other things you implement for the safety of your patients.

Use all these features and regularly update your Google My Business profile as there are changes to your business.

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The Change in Marketing Efforts

If you have your dental practice website, you are most likely familiar with the marketing and advertising efforts to increase your visibility.

With COVID-19, you can also change them and adapt to the current situation.

You should play around with your marketing campaigns, create new ones, or change the existing ones to make them suitable for COVID-19 regulations.

This could mean that you can change your target people, call-to-action buttons, the entire marketing text and visuals.

Whatever suits your needs at the moment, we recommend changing them as you go.

By advertising your COVID protocols in the marketing efforts, you can also attract the attention of new patients since you show that you care about the health of your patients.

The Verdict

To conclude, COVID-19 has played a major role in our daily lives as individuals and businesses. Since dental practices are health-related, there is more to do, and you have to be more careful.

As you are being more careful with your COVID guidelines and regulations, you also need to let everyone know about these changes.

Being as open as you can with these changes ensures that none of your patients are left unsatisfied and everyone knows what to expect.

The use of social media, Google My Business, and changes in marketing efforts are all part of being open to your COVID changes.

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